47 War for Power 2

Dalyor was already quite upset that his plans had gone wrong and he had lost six of his men, and one of his men who failed on a mission still had the courage to say in front of everyone that it was his fault.

So Dalyor wanted to use this opportunity and kill this hunter for failing on an important mission and still disobeying his leader, so he could take advantage and discount all his rage on this warrior.

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But what he heard afterward greatly improved his mood, it was true what this warrior said, if the armor and armor were indeed so strong that a Houtian warrior could fend off two Xiantian warriors so that he could lay hands on these weapons and to their subordinates, then they would even have the power to form a city.

Although the mission this time failed, it was because he had little information about the enemy's forces and made a mistake, but now that he was prepared he was only to gather all his strongest men and attack one of the villages after the others and so start picking up the weapons and boost your strength.

Just as Zhang Yi had foreseen in no time went through Dalyor's head to retreat and keep things as they were, people like this just considered their gain and did not even care about people's lives.

"I think you're right, as you guys despite failing in their missions to get the weapon, they got some important information I forgive you for your failures, but that does not repeat itself mainly disrespect your leader."

"Thank you for your mercy, sir."

"Then in a few weeks when the hunters who went out to hunt return, we will prepare to invade the first village, we will invade one and kill all the hunters who are there and thus steal the weapons."

"Then we will take these weapons to strengthen us and so attack the next village and so on until at the end we will attack the village that has the blacksmith and try to persuade him to follow us."

From the outset Dalyor never intended to kill Zhang Yi, he did not want to give a reason for the city to attack his village, now, even more, Zhang Yi could be the person who would change the course of things to his village.

If Zhang Yi could create a few dozen more weapons for his village, then he would have an army strong enough to attack the city, armor was also important, and Dalyor already thought that as Zhang Yi was able to create so many weapons of that rank easily, he should also have the ability to create stronger weapons and armor.

If this were true then Dalyor would have the ability to fight the city leader who was in the realm of core creation so he could also be qualified to create a city which was his greatest dream.

As Dalyor was an arrogant leader he never expected the 5 villages to join to attack his large village, meanwhile, several people had already left the allied villages to make an emergency hunt and to pool resources for a possible lasting war.

This was something that all 5 village representatives thought, even though they went to attack Dalyor's great village to be able to end this war quickly and the villagers did not starve to death, it could not be certain whether the plan would work and the attack would be successful.

Moreover, all the leaders had to prepare for the possibility that many hunters would die in this war if this happened the villages would face difficulty for some time before they could have new hunters.

Of course, although they were prepared for this, none of the 5 actually thought it would happen, but since they were responsible for the lives of hundreds of elves living in the village, it was important to leave countermeasures.

As the hunters prepared for battle Zhang Yi was following everything that was happening, after a few months living a normal and ordinary life, a war found its way again.

Even though Zhang Yi, who could be considered a war veteran, knew this was not the wisest decision to make, the idea of ​​joining the five villages with all the hunters armed with the weapons and armor of Zhang Yi was a good idea.

As the one who created the weapons and armor Zhang Yu knew that their thinking was right, now armed the hunters of the 5 villages really had a stronger general power than a large common village.

And with that, it would really put a brake on the ambitions of the other 4 large villages too, but Zhang Yi knew that this was not the end of this story, ambition can make people risk their lives without thinking.

If Zhang Yi left to fight and easily kill Dalyor and end this war without casualties could give a reason for the other four large towns to unite or even the city attack, although Zhang Yi be safe after all the village he lived for a few months and the elves he made friends would be killed.

And also all the effort he had to keep a low profile and fulfill the desire of the voice without killing many elves would be wasted, so he could only hope that the hunters would hang and try not to end up dead.

After the hunters returned from hunting with food that could keep the villages for a few months, all were prepared for war, so the next morning 50 hunters were gathered in the woods preparing to move.

Thus under the leadership of the 5 Xiantian realm warriors, the 50 hunters advanced together with the weapons and armor made by Zhang Yi which was the reason for this war towards the great village of Dalyor.

Shortly after the day began many hunters from the great village had not even left their homes as their leader Dalyor had decided that everyone had to get together for the war that would be done soon the people of the village were preparing everything while the hunters were resting in how much they could.

It was nearly a week to the day of the first attack, and many hunters still had to return to the village before the attack began.

After a few hours, the 50 warriors were already hiding in some trees waiting for the right moment to start the attack, the hunter from Zhang Yi village who had the idea would be the chosen warrior to lead the other hunters in the war.

At the entrance of the village, the gate at the entrance was completely open and only two guards of the Houtian realm were at the entrance and neither were vigilant, as their leader no one from a large village expected the attack of anyone.

So seeing that it was the right time the warrior raised his sword with his bow guarded in the back and so all the hunters prepared for the attack taking their arms in the hands and getting up.

When all 50 hunters left the trees standing with weapons in their hands the two guards finally realized something was wrong, but it was too late to warn anyone.

Soon the hunter who led gave a war cry to take courage and led the other 49 hunters for the attack, as everyone had a Houtian realm cultivate in at least a few seconds they had arrived at the gate and two of them quickly killed the two guards of the gate.

This large village was ten times larger than the villages where they lived so it would take everyone to know what was happening, the hunters knew they had to be quick and so they attacked everyone who had weapons in their hands.

In less than a minute they had already killed 10 hunters and continued to advance, soon several hunters left the houses that were closer to the gate with the weapons in their hands to know what was happening.

Soon they were shocked to realize that their village was being attacked, many normal elves who also had their swords out of their houses to defend themselves from the invaders, bad they did not know that those who had a weapon in their hands became targets of the invaders.

Soon a greater quarrel began between the hunters of the allied villages and the resident elves along with the hunters of the large villages, but with the numerical advantage and also with the weapons and armor of Zhang Yi the hunters of allied villages soon killed their opponents.

The 5 hunters of the Xiantian realm mainly who always killed their enemies of the Houtian realm with only a blow of the sword, soon 23 elves of the great village had been dead and less than half of them were hunters.

The elves who were not even in the realm Houtian and the women were also scared and afraid to see the deaths of their acquaintances and began to cry, it was better that there were no children because of the low fertility of the elves, if not the morality of the hunters of the Allied villages would have fallen.

The hunters continued to move quickly and soon they would reach the middle of the village, more hunters and villagers left their homes with weapons in their hands and the fight soon resumed among these, two hunters also had two that were of Xiantian realm, the first that the hunters from allied villages would face.

The invasion of the hunters soon would begin to become more difficult.

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