46 War for Power 1

"It is true what he said, today two hunters from the Xiantian realm of Dalyor village attacked one of my men to be able to steal his weapon, luck that with the armor he can defend himself in time for the other hunters to come to help, then they fled."

So all the representatives of the village felt the seriousness of the matter, for hundreds of years the great villages were a source of fear for the small villages, hundreds of villages were already destroyed by the gain of the leaders of the bigger villages and now it seemed that they were their turn.

"Since you asked for a meeting with all of us, do you have any plans?"

"Yes I think I have a plan, but this can only be done if all our five villages come together."

"Let's hear the plan first, then we'll tell you what we're going to decide."

"Okay, my plan has to do with the fight that our village had with the 6 hunters who invaded and also with the history of the hunter of our allied village that was attacked."

"In our village, today 6 hunters from the village of Dalyor invaded, one of them was from the Xiantian realm and the others were from the Houtian realm, by the time they stepped into our village Zhang Yi noticed their presence warned us."

"So I and 9 other hunters were able to mount a surprise attack and attack them first, so we did not have the advantage in the fight, but since ours was similar I thought it would be a very difficult fight even with the numerical advantage."

"But that was not how it happened, in a few minutes all the invading hunters were killed except the Xiantian realm hunter that I faced alone, after a time of fighting I managed to break his weapon and so killed him."

The assembled hunters were also surprised, they had been fighting for hundreds of years, and then they knew that the fights can usually take a few hours at times, especially in warrior fights over the Xiantian realm that has a lot of qi and can fight for more time.

So everyone understood clearly that for these struggles to have taken only a few moments some new factor has to have had a great impact on the outcome of the fight.

"Just like you, I was also surprised that the fight ended quickly and I went to talk to Zhang Yi to inform him that the fight was over, but he was not surprised by it and even told me that with his weapons the warriors should be able to fight with others up to 4 layers above cultivation, and the armor can defend. "

So everyone was surprised by these words, although different from the hunters in the village of Zhang Yi already hunted after receiving the new weapons they realized that it was much easier to hunt, yet they could not have a clear comparison of how much more they were strong and neither would they take the plunge to discover the defensive power of armor.

"Even though I can trust my life to him I also got a little doubtful about his words, until we get here and hear our friend's story, for a realm hunter Houtian to be able to defend himself from two warriors of the Xiantian realm is not something that could be done easily."

So everyone realized that these words were right, Dalyor must have sent two Xiantian realm warriors to steal a weapon because he as everyone knew it should be more than enough to quickly kill one of the Houtian realm.

"As you all know, Dalyor is an ambitious man and would never accept such a loss, if all our villages come together, we can defend ourselves, but also as these wars happen we run the risk of having people starving."

"So my idea after taking into consideration that the strength of our villages is the strongest in history thanks to Zhang Yi's weapons to make a major attack and kill Dalyor and some of their Xiantian realm warriors to end the war quickly."

"The last time I had information from Dalyor village, there were 12 Xiantian realm warriors and close to 40 Houtian realm warriors, if we joined our 5 villages we could gather 50 warriors, our village killed 6 of their warriors including 1 of the Xiantian realm."

"Even though those reports are a little wrong and we have fewer warriors in total, with Zhang Yi's weapons and armor we can increase the strength of all 50 to the Xiantian realm."

"Even if it is not so I'm sure we can do the same thing we did in our village, let's 5 realm Xiantian hold all of the Xiantian realm warriors of them for a few minutes while the others kill those of the Houtian realm opponent, then we will attack all together."

"Even if we can not overcome we can defend the people of our villages with our lives what our work is, and if we can win, we will send a message to the other four large villages that we can not be intimidated, winning."

Everyone thought this idea was very good, and everyone here as the village warrior of Zhang Yi had the same opinion, that their job is to defend people from the village.

"Can Zhang Yi help us in this fight?"

"I think it's not a good idea, if he appears in this fight it would be like a target in his head, thanks to his weapons we do not have to be afraid of the larger villages anymore, even if we end up dying, the people who saw us after they can still receive his weapons."

None of the five here blamed Zhang Yi for this fight, everyone knew that since he appeared there would be a change, moreover, this fight is motivated by the gain of Dalyor and not the weapons.

If they gave up their weapons to protect their lives now they would be as before, and they could be killed at any time by a wild enough on a hunt or even at the whim of someone like Dalyor.

These weapons and armor is the chance they could have their destiny in their hands again, and if they gave Zhang Yi to Dalyor it would be worse, they would be giving the form that Dalyor always sought to get stronger and able to dominate them, it was clear that Dalyor could if he had these weapons and they would not.

So everyone agreed that Zhang Yi should stay out of this war, even if the cause of this war was him, everyone knew that Zhang Yi was strong and that he was hiding for some reason even then no one cared.

After all, if Zhang Yi were to choose someone from one of the five big cities or the city to make the weapons, they would have missed the opportunity to stay strong and have their destiny in their hands.

So after a few days, they decided to reunite in that woods again so they could go together and attack the village of Dalyor, it would be a historic struggle in which it was the first time that the small villages met and started a war against one of the five villages.

In Dalyor's large village the two Xiantian realm warriors who had been sent to steal a weapon returned, Dalyor was already feeling impatient because he had seen no sign of the six hunters he sent to Zhang Yi village was relieved to see the two.

"So where's the weapon?"

"We failed sir, we do not know what happened, even when we both attacked a hunter who was from the Xiantian realm he managed to defend himself from our combined attacks and after the others arrived and we fled."

"As it turns out, two realm Xiantian warriors could not even steal someone's weapon from a realm down, you really let me down."

"Lord, did I know that the six hunters I sent before have not yet returned?"

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"Okay, what do you mean by that?"

"If you'll let me, I think I have an idea what the cause of it all is."

"You can say, I hope it's not an excuse for your failure."

"So, sir, in my opinion, what happened differently that made you miss plans was because of the weapons and armor of this unknown blacksmith, we only know that he makes good weapons, but if his weapons are far superior than are there around?"

"What makes you think that?"

"When we fought this warrior from the Houtian realm and we failed to win, it was not as if he was much faster or much stronger than a normal Houtian warrior, what happened was that the blows of his sword were stronger and that when we hit him, this warrior seemed to feel nothing, so he can stand the fight."

"Why did not you say that when you came back then?"

"I did not want to look like I was just making excuses for our defeat, so I asked if the 6 hunters had already come back, if they had come back normally then I would be wrong, but if they did not come back even after you sent them a number that could usually fend off and escape quietly from their village, so that means I can be right."

"So you're saying that this was my situation?"

"Yes sir, I think, but I also think that this mistake was very good for us, if what I said is right even though unfortunately we lost 6 of ours, we can also find that the weapons and armor of this blacksmith are much more important of what we thought before, if the rank of that weapon is even higher and you can get your hands on them, then we can fulfill our dream of making a city."

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