355 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 9

The beasts continued to attack thinking only of destroying all the sects and killing all the humans they encountered, because of that in less than a week hundreds of millions of divine plane warriors had been killed.

As these were small sects that had no contact with the great sects of the divine plane and no one was prepared for such an attack, the attack of the beasts continued without the great sects knowing the danger they were facing.

The truth was that not even Li Fu and the sects of the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts expected the war to start so well for them, because of Li Fu's insistence the beasts were avoiding attacking the branches of the major sects even if they were at risk of their attack be discovered.

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Li Fu knew that if any branch of the great sects were attacked, the great sects would somehow know about it and start investigating and that was what the soul devourers' organization did not want to happen.

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