353 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 7

Zhang Yi was happy to hear Jia Wuying's request and naturally accepted it, after all, he always felt that his world of mental energy was a little useless as there were no other residents besides his family.

Now he had a sect with millions of people, as they were officially part of his mental energy world, Zhang Yi decided to give as a prize to them a technique that allowed them to reach the Soul Refinement realm.

It was a very weak technique for Zhang Yi, but for the Rose Sect it was a treasure that they could never get in their lifetime, the sect had cultivation techniques that were much worse than this in terms of effectiveness in which it took thousands of years to arrive in the Mortal Tribulation realm.

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Just looking at it could be seen how this was an excellent gift for everyone at Rose Sect, especially now that they lived in Zhang Yi's mental energy world which was good for even Zhang Yi to cultivate even though he was in the Divine Realm.

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