350 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 4

After quickly passing through the sects that were controlled by the organization by killing all enemies, they started to pass through the sects that had more than 10 elders in the Divine Realm.

Zhang Yi warned the other elders that they were still relaxed having 80 elders from the Divine Realm they had no reason to be afraid of 10 elders in the Divine Realm, Zhang Yi did not want to argue with them and just moved quickly to where the next enemies were.

This time Zhang Yi used the technique of the sacred domain and again used the technique of restricting space and time, again everyone who was below the Emperor Realm died and the weaker Emperor Realm elders were paralyzed because of the influence of the laws of time.

Seeing this, the other elders suspected whether Zhang Yi really needed them to kill these enemies, of course, they understood from the plans of the Sword Sect that Zhang Yi was just being cautious so that no one would die.

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