349 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 3

After a few days, Zhang Yi started to organize the first battles against the organization, their objective was to eliminate the enemies that were in the Divine Realm before the elders of the Eternal Realm decided to attack.

This could be a difficult war, but if they were fast and efficient it could just be elimination and never become a war if they managed to eliminate all of the organization's Divine Realm elders the war would practically end.

After all, the elders of the Emperor Realm could not threaten the divine plane which had many strong sects and the elders of the Eternal Realm would not risk attacking them only the sects of the divine plane because that could irritate the elders of the great sects who could eliminate them quickly.

Zhang Yi checked again where the Divine Realm elders were, the place where there were more Divine Realm elders also had an elder from the Eternal Realm and so this was a place he would not attack.

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