348 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 2

As Zhang Yi said they would have to wait until they got two elders from the Eternal Realm at least to participate in this fight, just so they could guarantee that they could defend themselves if the organization decided to kill all enemies using elders from the Eternal Realm.

After that, the Sword Sect elders went to ask the Allied sect what they could do to help, and Zhang Yi went to look for more allies, he went first to Serenity Sect and told the whole situation to his master Wu Qinxin.

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So he had to hope that Wu Qinxin could convince Serenity Sect to help them in this war as much as they could, after that he went to ask for help from the great elven sects.

He did not know if he could count on the help of the elves, not because they were not friends, but because it was too risky for the elves to borrow elders from Divine Realm, Eternal Realm Zhang Yi or even wait.

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