347 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 1

After deciding what to do Zhang Yi teleported to the Sword Sect and soon asked to speak to the elders of the Divine Realm, all the elders of the sect knew that Zhang Yi was also an elder of the Divine Realm and so they soon went to organize this meeting.

Zhang Yi had already talked a few times with these elders about things of the sect and the elders told how it was a fight between warriors of the Divine Realm, these elders were very fond of Zhang Yi and also trusted him for almost everything of the sect.

Only the secrets of the sect that they did not think to tell Zhang Yi because they were afraid he would end up telling others, so it could be said that they had a relationship of trust, but not total trust.

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Zhang Yi didn't care and couldn't complain either because he never told all of his secrets to the Sword Sect elders after he managed to eliminate the members of the organization he could be at peace.

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