356 War Against the Soul Eater Organization 10

The Sword Sect and Serenity Sect who were more fortunate in this situation because they sent just over 1 million members of their sect to this suicide fight, other sects had a big loss and so the Sword Sect was increasingly the strongest sect of the divine plane.

In a situation of total war like this Qiao ZhenKang who was an elder of the Divine Realm would become the master of the Sword Sect because only he had the authority to make decisions for the entire sect.

The first thing that the great sects discussed after sending messengers to all sects demanding an urgent general meeting was to decide who would be the leader of this war, most sects wanted the Sword Sect to be the leader.

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But as Zhang Yi had already suggested that they should not stand out so much as not to be the envy of all the Qiao ZhenKang sects, they refused this, the Serenity Sect elders also refused to become leaders of the alliance.

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