33 The World Hope 9

As for the cultivation of qi was the one that most had an increase, after all other than the body refinement when you move from the accumulation of qi to the Houtian the amount of pure spiritual energy required is terrifying, and very end up getting problems at the base of the cultivation at that time , after all the much needed spiritual energy is equal to or greater than going from the initial layer to the intermediary layer.

Few can be as fortunate as Zhang Yi and Bai Cheng who were able to use a tribulation and a baptism to be able to fill in so much spiritual energy quickly without being left unstable because when one is moving from the realm of accumulation of qi peak to the beginning Houtian should not use pills to hasten cultivation.

Because if pills are used all the impurities in the pill will go straight to the Dantian, after which it is very difficult to refine or eliminate these impurities, so many geniuses are trapped for months and years in this transition phase.

But as Zhang Yi still had the meridians fully open he would need even more spiritual energy than the others, of course as compensation his fighting power and endurance of his qi would be much greater.

But he did something absurd to use the spiritual energy that would be used to form his heavenly tribulation to achieve much of this much needed energy, and the other part during the tribulation was still more than enough to reach the middle tier of the realm.

In addition, the spear also absorbed an enormous amount of lightning from the celestial tribulation, and having already been through tribulation before and refined, this time the spear absorbed much more lightning and managed to reach the peak rank of the land rank of the weapons.

Zhang Yi could see that the materials that were used to refine the weapon had been virtually destroyed if the weapon was not close to gaining the indestructible attribute because of the celestial tribulation it would have already been destroyed.

It was good that Zhang Yi used most of the points he received for killing the beasts so far as to be able to buy the materials needed to refine the spear again.

After some tribulations the spear could be a weapon that was practically the laws of pure lightning with the weapon of Zeus in Greek mythology, so it would only need the material to reinforce the structure of the spear, no material was needed to improve the performance of the only if he found divine materials, only then could the material withstand tribulations.

Now that he was in the Houtian realm and from then on, there would rarely be a direct collision of weapons, the biggest collisions would be from the warrior qi that would normally cover the weapon in battles, and when Zhang Yi fully understood the lightning laws he could use many more features.

So Zhang Yi went back to the second floor to kill some more beasts and stabilize his base, then he would exchange the rest of his points for the time being for spiritual stones, although he could also exchange for more spiritual stones as Bai Cheng did, Zhang Yi preferred to trade only for some high-level ones that would be better for cultivating mental energy in the future.

Because from now on in his cultivation though only having to absorb the spiritual energy because until the realm of the Spiritual Sea the understanding of the mysteries necessary for Zhang Yi to raise his cultivation was easy, perhaps because he had already done it in his life passed even with no perception.

But nevertheless, none would be much easier than it was only to absorb a great deal of spiritual energy from the spiritual stones to advance quickly if this were so the disciples of the sects in the divine plan would need only a few years to reach the Divine Sea and it was not so.

The baptisms and energy of spiritual tribulation was different because it came without any impurities and could go straight to the cultivator's Dantian, with even high-level spiritual stones depended on the talent of the cultivator, only someone like Zhang Yi with his talent Divine could absorb several high-level spiritual stones quickly, others would need the help of pills to do this.

After reinforcing his base Zhang Yi anxious sought eager and saw what divine technique he could learn, but when I go what was in his mental space was shocked.

He thought he would have one or two techniques to learn, one of strength and one of movement, but the truth is that he had more than 10 techniques and they were all divine, so he could not master that in a thousand years.

So he had to change his mind about how to learn them all to the initial degree, he decided to first take one of each thing he needed a defense, an attack, a movement, support, and an escape.

The attack techniques were what he had most then it was difficult for him to decide, plus he decided to choose the most useful for him, were techniques that his master said were the only ones he needed to learn of each type since they could be used in all realms and with any element and weapon.

And his master said that there could be stronger techniques but these techniques could harm the body and cultivation of those who used it often, although having some techniques that had side effects was just pain in the body or lack of qi and not harmful.

The technique he decided to learn if he called "rain of feathers" was a technique of the sect of his master and who created the technique was someone from the divine realm who once saw the battle of a phoenix that would sometimes use its feathers to give several blows with the same force as an attack.

In this technique the warrior could give up to 20 attacks with the same force of an attack, and could be given to one or several enemies, it was like a rain of attacks that could be used with any weapon using any element in its attacks and the best one is which could be used in conjunction with other techniques thus increasing attack power.

All the divine techniques had 10 levels, in the first level Zhang Yi could give up to two attacks at the same time with the same force.

So he began to study this technique while cultivating the body refinement that now needed almost 2 months to pass each layer.

He would try to improve his body until the Xiantian realm because he would have to improve his body as much as possible until the next tribulation, he could not count on the luck to get a new treasure by then.

The principle of this technique was quite simple for someone with the perception of Zhang Yi, he had to at first level learn to separate his thought and vision and strength into two without splitting more like adding up, so it would be as if he had 2 Zhang Yi at the time of the attack.

It was not something that anyone could normally learn in realm Houtian, even having understood the idea to do it was the hardest, glad it was only for a moment to use the technique, the beginning was the same for the next levels, but Zhang Yi already imagined the difficulty of the second level that was like controlling 4 bodies and minds at the same time.

But it was really a powerful technique, there are usually techniques that could do much more attacks than this, but the attacks would have the power of the warrior divided between them, in this technique the attack power is the same for both attacks and consumes the same qi of two attacks only.

It was not something anyone could easily learn, as Zhang Yi had his mental power he could use his brain better to be able to do it more quickly, so after a month he learned the initial degree of level 1.

As he could spend more time to pass through the advanced layer of body refinement he could learn more a technique, this technique was divine as well and it was a defense called "celestial armor" he wanted to learn this technique in order to use his earth element better of defense and also match with your flame essence armor of the phoenix.

This was a technique that could use the elements or laws that the warrior understood to be able to form an armor, could use several elements together, it was a defense technique that could double the natural defense of Zhang Yi, how he was training the corporal refinement Zhang Yi's defense was much higher than that of most normal warriors.

In addition, the armor could reduce or even absorb the attack that is from the same armor element, meaning that with the flame essence in Zhang Yi's body that can absorb even the celestial tribulation he would be almost immune to the fire element.

To learn the first level of the armor it was necessary to understand well at least one element, and then he had to understand the way it was necessary to be formed the armor and connect it to the qi in the body.

It may seem simple plus many things had to be done to be able to create a technique that could even divert lightning from celestial tribulation, the only flaw being that the required qi increased depending on the force of the attack that had to be endured, so just a few lightning bolts of a tribulation would drain the entire qi of Zhang Yi.

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It would not take him long to learn the first level since he already had control of the fire element because of the essence of the flame of the phoenix.

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