32 The World Hope 8

After killing a few thousand level two beasts and accumulating more points Zhang Yi was now ready for his second heavenly tribulation, this was a solemn moment and the cultivators prepared for years, but Zhang Yi was confident and thought he was ready.

He sat quietly in his living room with the spear on his side and soothed his heart, then without hesitation he circulated mantra of qi technique in his mind and like horses that had been released for the race all the qi that was circling around him his Dantian immediately began to move to his new home.

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At the same time having happened this Zhang Yi successfully invaded the Houtian realm, so clouds of spiritual energy began to form near him to form the lightning of celestial tribulation, amazingly clouds took longer to form because of the pure spiritual energy that form went to the body of Zhang Yi.

It took a lot of energy to completely invade the Houtian realm and when the energy is emptied from the meridians of the body going to Dantian the energy that has gone out has to be replaced, it usually takes a long time for the energy to be restored, but as a huge amount of spiritual energy was gathering to form heavenly tribulation the body of Zhang Yi absorbed part of it.

So after a while the flame essence of the phoenix also took advantage of the energy being formed to be able to raise its realm to Xiantian peak, so the celestial tribulation could not be formed, after a few hours in that situation with the voice again shocked seeing all this , Zhang Yi finally stopped absorbing energy and with the flame essence of the phoenix arriving at the peak of the Xiantian the tribulation can finally form.

The cloud with terrifying energy that would shake any realm warrior Houtian had formed with small sparks coming out of lightning with strong green color almost yellow, was something that could kill anyone beneath the Houtian realm.

The energy continued to form, while Zhang Yi, who was preparing to receive the first lightning, had already formed his defenses, a barrier of mental energy, a fire armor formed by the flame essence of the phoenix, and a small shield in the skin of Zhang Yi made by your body refinement.

Thus the first lightning that was much greater and mightier than the last that fell in the first tribulation, formed with the laws of the earth element fell into the barrier of mental energy and crossed it easily, then continued more can not pass through the essence armor of flame and just turned into pure spiritual energy and fell into the body of Zhang Yi.

The energy with a lot of earth element easily entered the body of Zhang Yi and became qi and passed through its meridians also purifying in the process the body and the previous qi making the cultivation of Zhang Yi more stable, this time all the energy was transformed into qi without losing anything.

Then the second lightning that had the laws of the water element fell and passed easily through the barrier of mental energy and also managed to pass through the essence armor of the flame of the Phoenix, because the element was the opposite, but ended up stopping at the shield formed by the corporal refinement of Zhang Yi and turned into pure spiritual energy.

This energy was not quickly transformed into qi, so Zhang Yi seized the opportunity and used his mental energy to absorb and transform this spiritual energy, and the rest was transformed into qi, while all this process passed the body of Zhang Yi was also being refined and improving.

The third lightning had the laws of the fire element, it passed through the barrier of mental energy and merged into the flame essence armor of the Phoenix, it seemed that the lightning was being drawn to the armor, as the essence of the flame had already increased to the realm maximum that the body of Zhang Yi could endure, turned into pure spiritual energy and went to the meridians of Zhang Yi.

The wild energy of heavenly tribulation was not something that could be controlled by Zhang Yi so he could only let her become qi and increase his cultivation if Zhang Yi could choose he would turn all the energy of this tribulation into mental energy, but it was not possible.

Thus the fourth lightning that had the laws of the element wood fell into the barrier of mental energy and passed straight through, also passed through the armor of the flame essence of the phoenix and almost passed the barrier formed by the body refinement of Zhang Yi.

After Zhang Yi moved quickly and used his mental energy to capture as much spiritual energy as possible and began to transform into mental energy and absorb, the rest of the spiritual energy was absorbed and transformed into qi to increase the cultivation of Zhang Yi.

Then the fifth lightning that had the laws of the metal element fell and crossed the barrier of mental energy and then crossed the flame essence armor of the Phoenix and also managed to cross the shield formed by the body refinement of Zhang Yi and then was divided with the lance of lightning and only a part hit Zhang Yi.

His body shuddered and despite reaching the body of Zhang Yi did not hurt him because it was much stronger than a core rank treasure, then turned into spiritual energy and was divided between mental energy and transformed a part into qi, despite of energy being wild as it was of the same main element of Zhang Yi was absorbed.

When the last lightning was about to fall Zhang Yi was apprehensive after all the last lightning was much stronger than the other 5 and was still an element of destruction as was the lightning, the lightning that was formed by the laws of lightning element fell with all the strength to reach the mental energy barrier.

The barrier was crossed easily and Zhang Yi soon used his spear to attack the lightning with full force, part of the lightning was transformed into spiritual energy and part was absorbed by the spear of Zhang Yi, then struck the flame essence armor of the Phoenix and passed to reach the shield formed by his body refinement and stopped there.

Zhang Yi attacked the last lightning with the spear because his attack at that moment was much stronger than his defense, and after attacking and splitting the lightning the rest was with his defense, so he went through all the celestial tribulation that even with all the resources of Zhang Yi was very dangerous.

Perhaps he has to prepare better for the next celestial tribulation if his body or his mental energy were stronger or even if he gets a new treasure he could try when advancing to the Xiantian realm.

It had to be said that this tribulation was much stronger than the last since Zhang Yi now had a new layer of defense that was the flame essence of the phoenix that was now at the peak of the Xiantian realm if he had not gotten that flame he could until he died for this tribulation.

This only shows how the tribulation could not be judged by common sense, it passed relatively easy by the first but could have died in the second, now it would make an extensive preparation to go through the next heavenly tribulation he could not judge normally.

But he would have learned some martial arts techniques that could help, and he also felt that he was very close to understanding at least the two laws of the element metal and earth, he was only feeling trapped by the limitation of cultivation, but when he went through the tribulation could be possible.

After all, even going over to the Xiantian realm he would have another tribulation that could help him, even more, feel these two laws, perhaps he can learn more than two since he also began to understand more extensively the element of lightning and fire that was of the flame essence of the phoenix.

After this tribulation, the cultivation of the body refinement of Zhang Yi rose to the intermediary layer, after much spiritual energy through pure also had much small lightning that if a normal warrior tried to absorb much would end up seriously injured, for Zhang Yi was just another form of culture.

The cultivation of mental energy has also received a breakthrough, although most have been turned into energy for qi, a large part has been transformed into mental energy, and the spiritual energy of tribulation is several times purer than the spiritual energy received in baptisms.

Thus mental energy reached the peak layer in the advanced degree, plus a baptism would bring it directly into the third realm of mental energy, not to mention that having absorbed a large part of the spiritual energy coming from a tribulation would greatly help in creating an atmosphere and the laws in mental energy, is a benefit that only Zhang Yi can have.

The village in the space of mental energy and the big main house that seemed more and more with a mansion were almost finished, the next step already began to be imagined by Zhang Yi, after all it was difficult to imagine a city without being able to use anything of the real world, but imagination was important for one day to reach creation.

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