31 The World Hope 7

After a few months training, Zhang Yi can refine his body to the Houtian realm, and after passing quickly by the baptism of the pure spiritual energy of the second level he could now pass when he wanted to the Houtian realm, but spiritual energy was much more difficult.

In fact he read in the information and instruction his master left in jade that rarely existed someone who cultivated alone for a really high in spiritual energy life, this because it took a long time even for geniuses like Zhang Yi to turn spiritual energy into mental energy without speaking in understanding the mysteries in the layers of realms.

And this was taking into account the abundant energy that had in the divine plan that was 10 times greater than any place in that continent even the most concentrated in spiritual energy, so for Zhang Yi, it was at least 10 times more difficult for him to advance in its cultivation.

Thus baptisms of abundant spiritual energy and direct donations of mental energy from older generations were the most common practice for geniuses, this shows how difficult it was to transform spiritual energy into mental energy.

So it took Zhang Yi a long time to turn this massive spiritual energy into mental energy, not to mention that he had to imagine the various houses being built and the village being formed, and the central house became more and more like a mansion.

The next realm of the village would turn into a small town, where several different constructions had to be imagined, but this city would only be built when it reached the peak of the Xiantian realm, so day and night would begin to pass and all more basic laws could be created.

It was a bit why every realm of mental energy was several times more difficult to advance than other types of cultivation and depended greatly on perception and talent, even the pills needed to move forward were more difficult to do.

After a long time of cultivation, Zhang Yi managed to reach the supreme layer of the second realm, so with the next baptism he would pass after clearing the third level or even with the next tribulation that would happen in a few days he might have the chance to reach the third realm with your mental energy.

In this way Zhang Yi felt much safer in going through his second heavenly tribulation, not to mention that he still had his weapon to share the burden of tribulation and his mental energy was stronger than before.

This world besides helping Zhang Yi greatly advance his cultivation quickly also helped with a problem that he cared a lot about was how to pass the celestial tribulation without anyone knowing.

Needless to say, few people throughout the continent's history went through the realm of tribulation before ascending to the divine plan, so it was something that would catch the eye of every person who could see the clouds forming.

But Zhang Yi would not have this problem now, when he left here in Zhang Yi's calculations he would be in the Xiantian realm, so he would go through the next celestial tribulation still in this realm, and the next after that was the core creation realm that would take some years for Zhang Yi to achieve without the help of spiritual medicines.

But you never know too, depending on what kind of treasures he found in this world he might not have to spend so much time farming, and Zhang Yi was sure that regardless of what he could spend a normal lifetime in the world on the other side.

After experiencing for a while what normal life would be like, Zhang Yi, who wanted to stay strong in order to protect himself, would have no problem with staying a few years shutting down to cultivate.

In fact, besides cultivating and fighting in the war, Zhang Yi did not do anything different in his whole life, and besides everything he forgot with the side effect of the forbidden technique that gave him a second chance, Zhang Yi had only a few things important ones guarded by his martial heart.

So his desire to live a normal life for a while was almost an obsession on the part of Zhang Yi, in fact, if it were not for his strong martial heart this could become a demon of the heart and an impassable bottleneck in his life.

But this was something that was only known by Zhang Yi, and could soon be realized in this world, so he thought it appropriate to be called the world hope, it was a hope of the ancestors who built this place that his people reestablished and hope of Zhang Yi experience a normal life.

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Soon Zhang Yi stabilized all the flow of qi and mental energy and stabilized his cultivation, what he had to do now was wait a few more days and thus kill a few other beasts of the second level to be able to stabilize his cultivation even more and prepare to pass through the celestial tribulation and to use the energy to improve his cultivation again.

As it was now, Zhang Yi was sure he could fight with a group of level 3 beasts and still win if he used all his resources, so he was just waiting because after going through celestial tribulation he would have much more confidence in going through the fourth level also.

Right now he was sure he could defeat an enemy at the peak of the Xiantian realm who did not know how to use the laws if the opponent used the laws he would not know how many times the beasts could increase their strength.

Another thing he was a little apprehensive was that he heard from Bai Cheng that level 3 and 4 beasts could use some seemingly normal moves to use martial arts, and Zhang Yi had never fought with anyone before he could use martial arts he was a little anxious.

After all, he had heard about the disastrous power that had a martial art of none other than his masters who were at the height of cultivation and in the divine plan, if even they think that strong martial arts the more he did not even entered the Houtian realm yet.

It was good that his masters left several powerful techniques so he could learn when he entered the Houtian realm, so he decided that after killing some beasts on the second level he would go through the tribulation and kill some beasts.

Then he would learn the techniques left for him by his masters and then he would not go out of seclusion until he reached an understanding of the initial degree in all of them no matter how long it takes.

He thought that any divine technique at the initial level would be stronger than deadly plane techniques at peak grade after he had decided on his plans he went to rest and meditate so he could begin to fight the next day.

And so for a few weeks, Zhang Yi passed through the second level as a ghost and killed all level two beasts very easily, now he no longer needed to use the sword and could materialize the qi with the help of his mental energy and kill the beasts easily.

It was a very exaggerated style of struggle if it were to take into account how difficult it was for someone who cultivated mental energy and who was with their two cultivations to have a similar force, whoever cultivates mental energy always has mental energy stronger than qi and only cultivates qi to increase its life span.

And whoever cultivates the qi as the main has the cultivation of qi usually much stronger and then cultivates the mental energy, using the mental energy thus to refine pills or weapons normally, because after a time it is impossible to help in the fights.

After all mental energy could help the cultivation of qi to improve a lot, but the opposite can not be done, so many choose the path of being a qi cultivator despite having a talent for mental energy.

But it is important to say that those who cultivate mental energy have many advantages in one-on-one struggles against qi warriors, and there is also a famous saying in the divine plan that those who cultivate mental energy build and qi destroy.

Only sects that have the best legacies and strong martial arts besides sects that have strong lineages can face those who cultivate mental energy.

The reason for this is really very simple, it is impossible to find a qi-cultivated warrior who has a totally stable base and totally pure qi energy in his body, so they are much weaker than normal growers with a strong base in its level.

This is because in order to reach higher realms while still young and potential, all warriors of qi use pills and medicinal plants, so along with rapid advances without worrying about the stability of their qi, make everyone have impurities in their bodies.

On the other side through the cultivation of mental energy being harder still has many ways to increase cultivation of someone with mental energy donations from one to the other and also with medicinal pills that can improve the speed of cultivation, plus spiritual stones high-level despite being a little waste can also be used to accelerate the cultivation of the most genial young people.

And best of all is that even with all these methods the cultivation of mental energy can not have impurities and always has a stable base, that is the greatest advantage that the greater sects use to attract new disciples.

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