30 The World Hope 6

And so Zhang Yi was killing the beasts of the first level for a few months while doing so he did not cultivate and only consolidated his cultivation, although his base was as stable as possible, yet his mentality along with the flow of qi was not normal.

This could be detrimental to a grower and even cause a deviation from qi, the deviation from qi although rare to happen was the only fear of someone like Zhang Yi who did not have to go through bottlenecks in his cultivation.

After killing almost all beasts Zhang Yi was already a little bored and sometimes he had to spend a whole day looking for a beast to kill, and Zhang Yi thought he was ready to kill the beasts on the second level and go through the baptism.

So he began to hunt the beasts, as his body was already comparable to the Houtian realm, the second level beasts could not seriously hurt Zhang Yi, but he still had to watch out for large groups like wolves.

It was also not so easy to kill the beasts, he could not with his bare hands, if he wanted to win quickly he needed to use the qi and the essence of flame and sometimes the mental energy, only his aura and the elements he did not need to use.

With the strength of his Mayan qi, the flame essence he could fight as if he were stronger than a Houtian warrior after all his flame even having fallen from ranking was still a heritage of the phoenix that was a divine animal.

His sword, which would be much envied by external disciples, now serves only as a conductor of qi by the metal element, the spear would be more useful, more efficient in a one-on-one fight, and Zhang Yi could not control the lightning element either.

But when she went through more trials and was refined again by Zhang Yi she would move to another level of strength, after another day he killed about 50 beasts and returned to the room.

So in two more days he would go through baptism, in those months that Zhang Yi killed the beasts of the first level, besides gathering resources he also studied jade in his conscience left by his master on the refinement of arms, he had also passed the refining pills, but he would not train.

After all the cauldron he received from his master was a divine treasure he could not train even if he refined pills for 200 years, and he too could learn the whole process of refinement just by putting his mental energy while the cauldron refines alone.

But for the refinement of arming it was more important for him to study hard and go into detail by detail now that he had the strong mental energy and also a flame essence that was a divine treasure he would only need little training to refine a good weapon.

He could have chosen to just ask for a new weapon from a higher ranking for the Elder as he will do with the sword, up to the low-level silver rank he believed the Elder could get one for him so he would not have to go through the bother of refining a weapon.

But this was the advice of his master, his master said she had heard that a mad refiner once helped several other growers to go through the realm of tribulation by sharing the tribulation with them.

After doing these dozens of times everyone thought that this refiner had gone mad and wanted to die, but even so many larger sects of the divine realm still called him and even gave him rewards to help his disciples.

After doing this for several years and becoming a joke among cultivators this refiner appeared with a sky-peak rank weapon almost reaching the next, and with that weapon and body reinforced after going through dozens of tribulations, he had become in a warrior who seemed invincible and became a legend and was alive until today.

His master heard from an acquaintance of this refiner that he could only make such a strong weapon using the lightning of the dozens of tribulations he passed, but that this master was still sorry.

As these tribulations were not his and he only shared, he was unable to reinforce his connection with the weapon and the weapon ended up being only at the top of the rank Sky, if he had begun refining this weapon before, he would be much stronger.

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Zhang Yi's teacher was very impressed, but she did not think much about it because she had also gone through her realm of tribulation at the time, but when she had the idea of

reversing the time to leave Zhang Yi younger and knowing that he would pass by a tribulation at each level she passed this information on to him.

As Zhang Yi wanted to be strong in the future he decided to invest a little more time and labor and choose a lower rank weapon and refine it again after going through the tribulations, his master said that this weapon after going through three tribulations only despite being weak had won the indestructible attribute.

After all, even the specialists of the divine plan can not destroy the tribulations that come from heaven, and that was only the beginning, the more tribulations he passed with the weapon, the more he would be connected to him. weapon woke up.

It was a good thing he picked up a low-rank weapon and makes it an asset for the future; moreover, the weapon will have the lightning attribute containing the celestial tribulation after several tribulations and different from the specialist's weapon will be a complete weapon that in the future could become a weapon above the sky rank.

Moreover, after spending several months killing thousands of beasts, even tens of thousands, his aura of blood and slaughter was terrifying and rose by several levels, after all, although he killed close to millions of people in wars they were all dead and not near of the power that had a beast.

But now that he added the aura of resentment to tens of thousands of rank beasts 1 he might even feel that slaughter aura affecting his martial heart that had stood still for so many years, the martial heart contrary to what many think also gets influenced by the realm of the person's cultivation.

Then as soon as he arrived at the Houtian realm his heart would remain unshakeable as ever, so he would only need to wait a few more days.

So two days later he went back to his room, there was only one beast left for him to clean the second level and he needed to prepare better to receive the baptism the other day, according to the voice said, the baptism of one level was twice as big as the previous level did not seem much more meant to say that the baptism of the fourth level would be several times greater than that of the first level.

So Zhang Yi just stayed the whole night adjusting his state of mind and concentration to the maximum, he would use this baptism to reach the peak of the realm of qi accumulation with only one step from the Houtian realm.

Of course, this step requires a tremendous amount of spiritual energy that would be a waste to miss from baptism so he would receive the rest for his mental energy after all soon after he began to enter the realm Houtian would soon appear the celestial tribulation.

So the other day in the morning he killed the last beast required for baptism and then returned to his room, there the voice asked if he was ready and when Zhang Yi said yes a huge amount that could not be compared to the first level invaded the room.

As the voice had said before, how much of that energy he could receive would depend on his fate and fate, if it were the same time as before he would lose much of that spiritual energy, but as he found a waste, who invented this world increased the time by three times.

With that much time, it was more than enough for a monster like Zhang Yi to get all the energy, of course, whoever did this did not expect a genius like Zhang Yi to show up so he would be giving a lot of rewards to someone.

Zhang Yi who received all this pure spiritual energy brought much to his body and also another part to his mind and immediately began to cultivate to be able to absorb all the spiritual energy of the environment.

As for advancing in the realm of accumulation of qi, Zhang Yi who had the meridians opened just received all the pure spiritual energy in his body and advanced the layers of his realm as a sword crosses the paper.

So with his transformed qi he reached the peak of the last layer in the realm of qi accumulation just a step away from the Houtian realm, if he looked at the energy in his body he could see that the spiritual energy was eagerly circulating his Dantian as if waiting for an order to attack the new realm.

As for the rest of his spiritual energy from baptism his mental energy also absorbed all the rest, not losing any so much, it was pure spiritual energy that could save several bitter months of cultivation for mental energy.

But unlike the cultivation of qi which was only to absorb the pure spiritual energy and then to circulate in the meridians and transform into qi, in the mental energy before completely absorbing this energy had to transform into mental energy.

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