29 The World Hope 5

So Zhang continued his training routine, since getting to the Houtian realm with his physical body was a priority now, everything else could be done later, if one were to think about practicality, this was the best place for cultivating him, but what Zhang Yi, I did not want to just get stronger but to live the world around him.

But for this he had to stay strong enough not to constantly feel in danger as he was feeling now, others could not reach that level even after hundreds of years, but to Zhang Yi with his talent was possible, now he only I had to train for a few months.

So after almost 1 month Bai Cheng called him and said he thought he was ready to leave, in fact, Bai Cheng wanted to wait to see if Zhang Yi was able to increase his strength more nearly two months passed and he saw Zhang Yi have no improvement and so decided to leave.

"I'm sorry Zhang Yi, I wish I could stay here and expect you to come to the Houtian realm to get out of here together, but if I wait any longer I'll miss the chance to become an outward disciple, it's good that with your talent soon you can also become one, in more m year training here you may be able to get there. "

Bai Cheng really envied Zhang Yi's talent, and this world through dangerous was also the best place to be able to increase his strength quickly, after all here you could earn resources only by fighting against weaker monsters and after accumulating trading for something like spiritual stones.

If he was younger when he found this place as long as he had enough strength to clear the first level he was sure he would have reached the Houtian realm years before, but now he knew he could not stay here without cultivating, so after exchanging all points he gained by middle-level spiritual stones he had plenty of resources for a while.

Zhang Yi also realized that Bai Cheng had reached cultivation near the middle layer and also that his cultivation seemed stable after staying more than a month killing level 1 beasts that were not easy foes even for Houtian realm warriors.

"I spoke with the voice a long time ago and she told me that there is a way for you to get out of a matrix of teleportation and so you could get out of sight of those 4 men out there, so once you reach the intermediary layer you're safe. "

"Even so, when you leave here run as fast as you can toward the sect and tell them that we have ambushed you, do not try to complete the mission."

Bai Cheng understood that Zhang Yi seemed to be hiding something about this teleportation matrix, but he knew that it would not be harmful to him and then he accepted, he would be lying if he said he was not worried about the ambush outside, but if he had that matrix he would be safer.

"Thank you very much then, I will do as you said and after leaving here I will return immediately to the sect."

Seeing that it seemed that Bai Cheng would listen to him and so he could get safe in the sect he was quiet, as he had left hiding from the sect after saying that it would close for some time, Zhang Yi would not be surprised if Elder Shen still thought he was growing in his room.

Zhang Yi also knew that only with more challenges and pressures could he become stronger so he did not tell Bai Cheng about his identity as a direct disciple that would lead the sect to send people to rescue him.

He wanted to get out of here alone after getting stronger so he could kill people who chased him personally, only then did he think he could get stronger.

When Bai Chang reported that he and a weaker disciple had been ambushed he did not think the sect would send someone after him and at most would forgive Bai Cheng for not having done the mission since he would become an outward disciple.

And so he just went back to cultivating without worrying about anything else, and after a few days, the voice came to him saying that Bai Cheng had cleared the second level and had reached the intermediary layer of the Houtian realm with the baptism he received and left using the matrix.

So now Zhang Yi was here alone and just needed to worry about himself, after a few days he finally reached the peak of the second realm of body refinement and after another month he could get to the Houtian realm.

Zhang Yi would like to try to further increase the cultivation of his body refinement to the second layer of the third realm, but he knew that his training speed is only faster because he has the help of his qi, the essence of the flame and also the energy of lightning coming from the spear.

If his cultivation of refinement grew stronger without increasing the others would also take much longer, so Zhang Yi who wants to get stronger as fast as possible was a waste.

So he could only cultivate until the beginning of the third realm, after another 1 month of cultivation that could only be done by Zhang Yi and the voice could even confuse with torture he finally reached the third realm initial layer, it was good that Zhang Yi did not face bottlenecks in their cultivation, but without going out to fight and refining it would be impossible to get to that realm so fast.

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Somewhat said was related to his better environment of cultivation and his perception that improves all types of cultivation, but the biggest truth behind his rapid advances is because it was the second time that he was cultivating and reached a much greater realm in your past life.

So he just needs to refine the body and not understand how to refine the body like everyone else has to do for the first time.

After what Zhang Yi decided was to clear the first level, he had discovered through the voice that this place he was was actually only one of the hundreds of levels 1 equal to that, that was why he could not find Bai Cheng despite being on the same level, so Zhang Yi did not have to think about anything other than killing the beasts and gathering points.

Although Bai Cheng also did the same he had to use his Houtian realm qi to quickly and easily kill the first level beasts while avoiding attacking very large groups and getting dirty with the blood of the animals while killing them after all he wanted to be safe.

So even though Bai Cheng had killed several beasts that month he could not do it so quickly because he had to stop to rest and recover the spent qi, and Bai Cheng had to share his time while refining his body's qi to strengthen its base to reach the intermediary layer.

So despite trying a lot, Bai Cheng was very far from killing all the beasts of the level despite killing about 3,000 of them, just so you can get an idea of

how many beasts there are in each level.

But for Zhang Yi it was different, he just had to attack all the beasts he faced and kill them after a few months had passed the beasts forgot the terror that he was and walked quietly back into their territories without further hiding.

As he had learned from what happened the last time, as he had only to kill the beasts Zhang Yi just walked around hiding his presence and did not use qi or the essence of flame or mental energy, only with the strength of his physical body he he killed all the beasts he encountered with his bare hands.

As he did not need to use energy to kill the beasts and was also quick to kill each one, his speed of slaughter was much greater than Bai Cheng, the nearest beasts smelled the blood of their companions and came only to die in the hands of Zhang Yi.

When the wild beasts stopped appearing, he only used his mental energy to search for more and then began to kill again, so after only one day he killed about 200 beasts, this was only because the level space was too large and the beasts were separated.

It was also because he was intentionally avoiding the beasts that lived in groups, not because he was afraid since no level 1 beast could hurt his skin anymore, but because it was easier to kill large groups together he was leaving to the end when the beasts began to get harder to find.

So he just continued the slaughter and at the end of the day he would vote for the room, just to rest and eat and meditate on the fights of the day, with his current cultivation he did not have to eat and rest every day, but still liked to do this to be able to feel normal and not like a monster.

Zhang Yi knew that cultivators challenged the sky to become stronger and live longer so each time he advances a realm he can less and less call himself human and mortal and becomes a higher existence until the day he can become one immortal.

But he wanted to get through it only when he went to the divine plan, he did not want to give up seeing what it was like to have a rather normal life.

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