28 The World Hope 4

So Zhang Yi had a talent that was so appreciated by the blue specialist because although it was not as rare as his talent for mental energy was, it was very important for anyone who wanted to go through heavenly tribulations.

But by relying more on the body than on spiritual energy, medicinal plants and pills that need to be made to help the body strengthen are rarer and more expensive to do, as well as sects such as Iron that were very rich and had a stronger legacy, it was harder for you to find sects that valued a talent like that.

But for Zhang Yi it was not that difficult, he already had an incredible talent in his past life, but now with his perception to help near qi cultivation and furthermore his attribute much stronger metal because he was baptized by the blood of the dragon and by the heavenly tribulation.

It was just that he rose from cultivation very fast and his body can not keep up and everything improved after entering the world hope, and now that he had solved the problem with Bai Cheng, Zhang Yi could now focus on cultivating and not having so hurry to get out of here.

And so he decided to cultivate during the day and just talk to Bai Cheng in the evening, Zhang Yi took his spear and left next to his body, so he tried his best to remember the celestial tribulation and the laws of the elements, he knew he could not rule the laws before the Xiantian realm but could use the principles to increase the strength of its elements.

After thinking he began to perform, he thought of the strengthened metal element and used the help of lightning that had traces of celestial lightning to refine his body stronger, he also used some of the phoenix flames to strengthen the process.

If anyone else did this in addition to feeling a huge pain they would still have the body with various internal injuries, but Zhang Yi had his strong natural regeneration ability and was strengthened by the earth element that strengthened his defense, so all this did only improve his training without hurting his body.

Even if it were not for the celestial tribulation Zhang Yi would never leave the body refinement behind, after all in the last fight with the wolves had it not been for his body to have undergone refinement he would have died a few times.

And if it were not for body refinement he would have been injured for a few months after that fight if he had not been crippled by having his meridians broken, at that time without his ability to regenerate strengthened by body refinement and more of his mental energy he would not recover if aid of another person, since his qi could not recover with the injured meridians.

Although Zhang Yi had come to a much higher realm of body refinement he had very weak opponents who could not hurt him after he had just begun to cultivate, so he only cultivated by his firm will stay stronger to always be able to survive as his father told him.

But he never really needed that force, but now it was different, he felt strongly what it was to have his life threatened by being weak, if those Houtian warriors of the day were not afraid of his sect and would try to kill him he would eventually die.

The same thing happened in the world hope, if the wolves had decided since the beginning of the fight to sacrifice themselves to kill Zhang Yi and all explode their nuclei to do damage to him, Zhang Yi would already be dead now, but he always thought and if luck did not I was on your side.

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This was the first time since he began to cultivate that Zhang Yi really had a strong desire for strength and was willing to risk his life to gain that strength, that was one reason he accepted the request of the voice.

With this speed of cultivation, Zhang Yi could move to the next layer of cultivation in just 10 days, the voice that watched in silence after being shocked for a while was only admired now, what he was doing now was no different from painful torture for others.

But even that seemed nice to him, if the voice did not understand that it was the difference of Zhang Yi's talent with others she might think he was masochistic and liked pain, it is actually reported in some records that the early ancestors who created body refinement was masochistic.

They liked to hurt their bodies in different ways and by chance discovered that the blood of some beasts and some plants helped to recover the wounds that allowed them to get hurt again.

So they discovered that this could also strengthen the body and passed the technique on to others, hoping they would also like to get hurt while getting stronger.

And after many years from that and from medicine, it was discovered as if to transfer the spiritual energy into the body thus getting stronger without feeling pain and increasing your life expectancy.

Then the greatest geniuses emerged and perfected the techniques going forward until someday to discover the truth about the elements and then learn to use the elements, then learning about the laws and thus reaching the Dao and the origin that no one knows if it was achieved.

So the geniuses were the most valued because only they could after reaching the top create a new path for others to pursue, the voice did not know whether Zhang Yi was a genius or no longer knew that just by challenging there could reach the top.

And Zhang Yi was someone who by her circumstances had to defy the heavens and suffer a tribulation to every realm he attained, so she thought that Zhang Yi would never fear the heavens and could challenge herself to the top or die trying.

At night he found Bai Cheng who had heard his advice and was only killing beasts on the first level while strengthening his cultivation and trying to get more resources, Zhang Yi then only said that when he thought he was ready to leave for Bai Cheng to warn him.

Bai Cheng agreed and Zhang Yi went back to cultivating, he was also thinking about what Bai Cheng said and thought it was a good idea to really spend time on the first level to gather points and so he would try to trade for some higher-level spiritual stones after all the ones he had were low-grade.

Even Bai Cheng who was no disciple of any Elder had some intermediary level spiritual stones, and Zhang Yi saw that among the things that could be changed had high-level spiritual stones which were great for training the mental energy that needed spiritual energy pure and concentrated.

So the days went by he spoke sometimes with Bai Cheng who was still on the first level and said he would stay for another month even before leaving, Zhang Yi did not tell Bai Cheng even though he had a way to get him out of here safe because he feared that Bai Cheng would be very nervous and take longer to reach the intermediate level.

In a month with the great resources and beasts to be able to fight and make discoveries and also to strengthen his base and to become accustomed to the spiritual energy, he believed that it was difficult for Bai Cheng not to reach the intermediate level.

The Zhang Yi also after these days finally reached the supreme layer, after reaching this layer Zhang Yi would need more than 1 month to reach the peak layer and then another 1 month to reach the third realm of body culture.

It was important to strengthen himself, he did not know what would happen when he reached the third level, but it would certainly be more dangerous, the more the fourth level, though he had confidence in fighting with Xiantian level warriors, it was common sense that beasts were stronger than humans.

Even more, than in the fourth level the beasts would probably be at the peak of the realm and even more could appear several at the same time as happened to the wolves, and if that happened what awaited Zhang Yi was death.

The only comforting thing is that he too would get much stronger by then, after all, Zhang Yi would undergo two baptisms of spiritual energy and also a celestial tribulation that would be much stronger than the previous one.

When he arrived at Houtian he would still learn several powerful martial arts that he did not know to be, but to be important even to his masters who were in the divine plan should have extreme powers and be of much help in their future struggles.

Even though he could not know if he could greatly increase his fighting power with the martial arts of his masters it was certain that he could count on the flame essence of the phoenix that would always be a realm above Zhang Yi in strength, so when he is in realm Houtian your flame will be in the Xiantian realm.

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