27 The World Hope 3

After speaking with the voice, Zhang Yi now had a new goal which was to try to gather more of these treasures and see what happened after clearing the fourth level.

Although he had told the voice that he did not care for the treasures, it was not true, of course, if he knew that he could jeopardize his life even if he had dragon blood he would leave the place without a second thought.

As for the other side of the world he would help if he could, but he still could not feel any obligation to help them for the time being, Zhang Yi just said he would try because he was not in a hurry to return to the sect, his goal to leave the sect besides going through the tribulation was having some adventures and experiences that was something he had not in over 400 years.

And if the treasures are all like the essence of flame then surely would try to catch it, after all, were treasures that would be sought even in the divine plan, because they were treasures that could grow with the warrior and still help in cultivation.

Although Zhang Yi had a good speed of cultivation, he knew it might not be so in the higher realms, near the divine realm it could take thousands of years to improve a realm, where his talent would not have many advantages over the others who had resources.

And Zhang Yi only knew only that his masters were powerful, but he did not know what the situation of the arrow was that they would be in the divine plan, so he should have the best possible basis in his cultivation and try to get treasures like this that can help more in higher realms.

Later in the afternoon, while resting, Zhang Yi received a call to meet with Bai Cheng, he hoped Bai Cheng would be closer to clearing the second level now that they spent almost 10 days.

"Is everything alright with you Zhang Yi? I thought you were dead, ten days in this place with your low realm of cultivation, and not even the voice knew whether you were alive or not."

It seemed that Bai Cheng was really happy to know that Zhang Yi was alive, at first he only felt guilty towards Zhang Yi, but after Bai Cheng received his refined pills to such a high degree without any obligation he felt more gratitude to Zhang Yi.

Even more after learning of his great talent that could be the future of the sect, Bai Cheng also knew that something was happening in the sect, but contrary to what Zhang Yi found was not that he relaxed, but rather that he was accustomed to the which occurred in the sect, all countries also have some corruption or power struggle, but rarely does war or extermination arrive on either side.

That did not mean that he did not expect his sect to be the best he could, only that it was difficult for someone with his novel of strength to have any relevance in this kind of struggle.

"It's okay with me, yes, I ended up having bad luck and found a group with several wolves together and after a difficult fight in which I was seriously injured, so I had to find a safe place to recover my wounds for a few days and I ended up unconscious."

"You should not hunt wolves, even if you find some alone after you kill him if any drop of blood falls on his body the rest of the wolves will hunt you down."

"Now I know that you should have given me that suggestion before it happened."

"But I confess it was my fault for being very confident after I killed several wolves on the first level I thought it would be the same in the second."

"The second level is actually more difficult, I've been there for almost ten days and I killed close to 160 beasts so far, I'm going to need another 4 days to clean."

"Do you think you can get to the Houtian middle realm if you clean the second level?"

"I do not think so, but I will not be too far away either."

"So I recommend that you hold a little bit on the second level and kill some more first-level beasts to reinforce your base as soon as you're near the middle tier you try to pass."

"I know you want to get back to the sect as quickly as possible, but you still have a few months to go, and if you do not take advantage of the baptism to advance in that layer, you can get nervous of yourself in another bottleneck."

"Also, I'm pretty sure that the 4 Houtian warriors or even more of them are waiting for us out there, you have to be as strong as possible to fight him or at least get away, you'd better wait for me and then we could fight together."

When Bai Cheng heard what Zhang Yi said he even agreed with him, but also thought that Zhang Yi was afraid that he would leave this world alone after reaching the necessary level and left him behind, after all, Bai Cheng still did not know that Zhang Yi was already much stronger than he in this time spent in the world hope.

"I think you're right too, I'm going to have to wait a bit and build up more strength here, I think I'm going to take advantage and trade some of the points I've got for killing all these beasts for some cultivation resources, especially those spiritual stones."

After Zhang returned to his room, he was still wondering how he could help Bai Chen get out of here, he might need to stay here long after clearing the fourth level and he was pretty sure that people would be waiting for him out of this world.

If it were in another situation he could even ask the voice to keep Bai Cheng here until he could come out and help, but Bai Cheng would lose the chance to become an outward disciple.

"Hey voice, I think maybe I'll have to stay here for a long time to help with your problem, but my friend may be in trouble as soon as he reaches the middle tier of the Houtian realm and having to get out of here, there's something you can you do anything about it? "

[There is something I can do more depends on whether you want to try.]

"And what is this?"

[Having thought that such a situation could happen, the creators of this world have prepared something to reward whoever cleans the fourth level, it's a matrix of teleportation to a random place a thousand miles away, that gives enough space for someone to get away.]

[As I know you are able to clean the fourth level and are willing to help me I can give you opportunity to use the array for your friend, the problem is that you will not be able to use the array when you leave here and the ones that are waiting there out can attack you.]

"Then when the time comes you can give him a chance, I do not need it after I leave here I'm confident that I can even defeat someone at the peak of the Xiantian realm, and I do not believe anyone stronger than this is waiting out there."

[Then I'll do it.]

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The voice itself was very pleased with this, despite hearing Zhang Yi's assurance, she was still afraid that he would change his mind and leave after cleaning the fourth level, but now the chance of him staying to help is much greater.

And that promise was a consideration to Zhang Yi too, after all the fourth-level place he needs to go is very dangerous and can cause the loss of his life, not to mention what he would have to do after reaching the other side of the world to fulfill your request.

The other day Zhang Yi returned to his hunt on the second level, he was no longer behind them and was no longer pursued since he had gotten rid of the clothes and no longer had the scent of blood of the wolves, he was looking for the bigger beasts as the rhinoceroses on the ground, they had great strength and a tougher defense, but they were also too slow to contend with.

And Zhang Yi knew where they had many of them, so he went there with his sword, he would be relying on the force of the essence of the phoenix flame to break the defense of the rhinos, and with his superior speed, he would be safe even if several attacked him together.

When Zhang Yi began to fight with the beast he used his force field to cover the beast that got even slower, so it was only a matter of time for him to kill one, as the defense of the beasts were very strong and Zhang Yi was saving that most of the beasts were burned from within by the flames of the phoenix.

So he stayed all day fighting with the beasts and killed as much as possible, he managed to kill 20 more beasts until the end of the day like that.

After he returned to his living room Zhang Yi began to think of a more serious matter his cultivation of body refinement was getting behind those times.

The cultivation of body refinement is something that not only depends on the spiritual energy but on your own body, it is something that can make your body more firm, even if the warrior is without qi in his body he can still fight and defend himself.

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