26 The World Hope 2

So Zhang Yi prepared to leave the cave and communicate with Bai Cheng, knowing him, Bai Cheng should be worried after having spent almost 10 days since Zhang Yi last came in contact.

But as Zhang Yi came near the exit of the cave, he saw several wolves that seemed to be waiting for him, had almost 30 wolves assembled, these wolves should have gathered for having felt the blood of their dead companions in the direction of the cave, but they had afraid to enter then they waited.

Zhang Yi also looked at the wolves as if he had seen his enemies for a lifetime, he was angry because the wolves thought he was a weak and so they attacked him and they all killed him, but also seriously injured him, even Zhang Yi did not wait leave alive after seeing the injuries he suffered.

But now the wolves rejoined to try to kill him with numbers, the difference was that Zhang Yi was much stronger now and did not care about the numbers of the opponent, he was just thinking about the best way to kill them all so he could come back your living room.

Thinking for a minute, he decided it was time to test his new essence of flame and see how he got out in a battle, so he ran out of the cave with the sword in his hands, he attached some of his flame essence to the edges of and concentrated his aura field close to his body, so he saved energy and would only affect nearby opponents.

When the wolves realized it, Zhang Yi had already cut off the head of the first wolf, the union of the flame essence and also the metal element made his weapon have elements resembling the Houtian realm qi that can be attacked from a distance increasing the sharpness of the sheet.

Then he just threw himself in the middle of the 30 wolves, now beyond his barrier of mental energy and his natural shield made by body refinement, Zhang Yi also had something that resembled an armor of flames that could withstand blows of even warriors in the realm Xiantian.

Even so, Zhang Yi who had already caught up with the movements of the wolves only deviated from the various claws and bites of them, it seemed that Zhang Yi was performing a sword dance with his body and the sword on fire and occasionally heads and jets of blood flying around him.

The wolves began to be frightened by the scene, after all, they could not touch the human, but the human in a few seconds would kill them all, which did not allow them to escape was the instinct of revenge they felt for the death of their comrades, this era the tactic that Zhang Yi used to kill more of them as well.

After a while Zhang Yi had finished killing all the wolves that attacked him, now he was less angry and more satisfied, he would not say any silliness like that he would kill all the wolves from now on because it was the same as an enemy attacking him and saying that he would exterminate all mankind.

But as long as he had enough strength he would kill as much as he could, after all, it is the animals he has always hated most, after all, they are animals that kill only by smelling blood.

In addition, he was very pleased with the effects of the essence of flame in the fights, it was stronger and deadlier than he previously thought, now he was thinking of having more time to start refining weapons.

Since he did not need to learn to refine pills, and whenever he refined a pill with his master's cauldron he absorbed the experience of personally refining a pill that ended with the peak grade, then he just needed to refine some more to improve his profession much more than just refining thousands of low-level pills.

After that, he went to his office and contacted Bai Cheng, but he did not receive any response, which meant he was not worried about losing a day of hunting or just did not care.

But now that Zhang Yi had already returned he would not go out to hunt again, so he just sat down and began to meditate on the experiences he received in wrestling with the wolves, it was an unexpected gain but also something very risky that he did not want to go through again in this life.

[So you were still alive, I lost all contact and I did not find you for a while so I thought you had turned into wolf food, good to see that I was wrong, it's sad to see a talent like yours falling only on the second level .]

While he was meditating he was taken by surprise by the voice again, in fact after everything that happened he had even forgotten her, but something he heard puzzled him, that voice seemed to have control over everything here, but even she did not he could have his conscience tracking that cave.

"So you did not know I was in the forbidden area and not what I had in the cave?"

[You entered the cave in the forbidden area !!!! This was not to have happened normally, I know what I had in that cave, it's something that would kill anyone below the realm creation of the core by sheer pressure, so the animals avoid that place.]

'So that was what had happened,' Zhang Yi thought as his back was soaked with cold sweat, he did not know too because the animals avoided this cave and were so afraid, after all beyond the essence of the flame that was harmless no longer had any danger, but now he saw that he narrowly escaped death.

[It seems that you were destined to be in this place, only the destined one would enter the cave by mistake and then it would leave alive and more powerful, and with the if talent it seems that you will be able to clean the fourth level before arriving at the Houtian realm in the layer intermediary.

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Zhang Yi wanted to say that was not it, but chose to remain quiet, the reason he can enter the cave and receive the essence of the flame even having lost consciousness was all because he had the dragon blood on his body that can protect him, but it was also true that Zhang Yi appear on this low plane, enter this secret world and still end up in that cave was destiny as well.

[So I will trust you and tell the secret of this world, indeed this world was a much greater and wonderful place, but a tragedy has occurred upon us and only a few powerful Elders who have been heroes of this world in the past have decided to separate this world into two .]

[The world you see now was at first far more powerful than this, the strongest beasts were free and the weakest were trapped and only reproduced and died so that part of the world that you are was like a heavenly paradise of both of spiritual energy he had.]

[Meanwhile the other side of the world was very scarce of spiritual energy and the strongest just died with time, so as it attempted to invade this world had two choices, attack a side that only had weak people and little spiritual energy or attack a world with powerful spiritual beasts and rich in spiritual energy.]

[Of course all who invaded decided to attack the richest and most dangerous lands, so the beasts fought with powerful warriors, the two sides died, but in the end, the human warriors won after that he killed the beasts and took their bodies away together with all the medicinal plants they could find.]

[So the spiritual energy on that side began to subside, and the experts got tired of it and left, but what they did not know was that all of this was the plan of the creators of this world.]

[The spiritual energy here plus the one formed by the deaths of various specialists along with spiritual beasts was sent to the other side of the world and a part went to the creation of that challenge to find heroes.]

[But their plan that was near death was not perfect, 3 elemental treasures appeared and absorbed much of that energy that should have gone to the other side of the world, so they did not grow up enough to be able to move to that side, then the that the specialists who created this world wanted a hero to appear and go to the other side of the world.]

[That's why this world was called hope, but many who came here just cleared the 4 levels and left, and others who approached the first cave died, so I thought there would be no one else able to fulfill the desires of the ancestors.]

"And where are the two other relics?"

[The second is on the fourth level, and the third I will tell you if you find the second.]

"I promise I'll look, but I will not risk my life for people I do not know so if it's as dangerous as the first cave I give up, it's not like I need treasures."

[Thank you very much, thank you on behalf of the ancestors for trying even knowing the dangers, if I could I would help you pass the tests, but I can not interfere you have to complete everything with your own strength, but I think you will be able to.]

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