25 The World Hope 1

So Zhang Yi woke up alone on a cold floor, he felt something wet beneath him and after turning his face to the side he realized that for blood, should be the blood of his wounds, after looking around for a while he realized who had passed out for almost 5 days.

He ended up getting seriously injured after the fight and without any energy, in addition, with his arm and chest torn apart part of his meridians had been destroyed so the energy could not recover after a serious loss of blood he simply fell into a coma.

Lucky that his mental energy recovered and his body went through the cultivation of body refinement, so over time his blood recovered, then his bones and flesh, so Zhang Yi was able to wake up, but his meridians could not recover so quickly so he would need his mental energy and some healing pills for it.

He still could not get up because his legs were nearly ripped out, so he looked around to see where he was and saw that he was in a cave, so he remembered that this was the place he tried to avoid because it blocked his mental energy, too it was because of this place that he was almost killed by the wolves.

So he realized that this was a place that did not totally restrict his mental energy, appended to the part of the search that was restricted, otherwise he would be dead from blood loss, after he saw where he was, he stopped worrying, after all, he still had to and as he was still alive after spending 5 days defenseless, even if he had something here he did not want him dead.

When he took a pill of blood to recover he felt the power of dragon blood that seemed to have strengthened with his wounds or perhaps the desperate fight, that was at the time he passed closer to death, even after fighting for 400 years before.

It was her fault for relying too much on her mental energy, so lying down she recovered slowly, after a while, he became hungry and ate some fish that he had left ready in his mental energy space after he ate that food with a wealth of spiritual energy he felt his body recover faster.

He passed so slowly and after 3 days his meridians were completely recovered and his spiritual energy returned to circulate quickly, after the spiritual energy completely fueling his body, the qi with the earth element began to recover his body more quickly.

And so a few hours later he was fully recovered, so he did not immediately leave the cave as he was here and discovered that he had no danger whatsoever he decided to visit to know what it was.

The deeper he walked through the cave the more spiritual energy was concentrated, so after a few hours of walking he finally reached the end of the cave, he was shocked at what he saw.

At the bottom of the cave, there was something like an altar with a highly condensed spiritual energy here, it was as if this form of energy was alive, so after trying to figure out what it was he soon realized, it should be a pure flame essence.

An essence of flame was when a piece of the laws of fire separated and found a place where it had a lot of spiritual energy and so absorbed for hundreds of years until it became conscious, and a flame essence with a conscience was very wild and attacked those who came close.

The wolves must have felt the pure spiritual power and the danger brought by the flame and by instinct did not enter here, like all beasts of that level, that essence of flame normally could only be refined by someone who had the fire element in their upper body level, and in addition, you have to have a high level of cultivation to be able to control the flame.

So now that he had discovered what it was and knew he could not have Zhang Yi turned to leave, he had many talents and many resources that many would envy already, he would not feel sorry for losing something he was not to get anyway.

But as soon as he would leave Zhang Yi remembered one thing, so he got excited and opened his mind space to look for the jade that had instructions from his masters, after looking for a while Zhang Yi finally opened a smile.

What he was looking for was a passage about flame essences that he had seen in jade that his master who was a refiner left for him, in case he found a treasure he should not lose, though he did not think there should be so many treasures in the world mortal.

This passage was about a phoenix that would try to be reborn after its useful life was nearing its end, to the Phoenix are the legendary divine beasts that are described as immortal and that can be reborn while there is a flame, this was not totally true.

The Phoenix as all the beings of the world had to die one day only reaching a high rank of cultivation the phoenix can live as an immortal as the cultivators, but this is very difficult to happen, the truth of the rebirth through the fire was just something which was to be done in danger of life, and depended on how high the cultivation was and how many phages blood essence had in its body.

And this rebirth was not without a price, the Phoenix lost some of its cultivation and its essence of blood also would come one day that the Phoenix would not have the strength to be reborn and would die, another case was when the Phoenix went through something like a deviation and died.

When the Phoenix tried to be reborn, they had a certain ceremony to do, they made an altar and prepared a place with a lot of spiritual energy, and the Phoenix would reduce the size of its body and then climb up the altar and thus try rebirth through the flames.

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If this ceremony did not work the Phoenix would die and its consciousness would be erased, but as all the spiritual energy and essence of blood had been gathered to try to be reborn it remained behind, a fire was born that was the most precise and noble of the flame essences that did not were aware that any cultivator could absorb.

And Zhang Yi realized that in front of him was the essence of the flame of a phoenix that failed in his rebirth, so Zhang Yi was excited, he looked at jade how to refine a flame essence into their body and found that it was quite easy, especially for who could use mental energy.

He now had a chance to refine a flame essence of divine level, and even though he was weaker, he would grow up with him, and the sooner you receive his essence of stronger flame he may be in the future.

When he covered the whole place on top of the altar that stood the essence of flame with his mental energy the essence of flame that had only instinct tried to flee, but Zhang Yi held tight, then when he tried to absorb the energy in his body a sacred aura left of the flame essence and Zhang Yi took a break from his mental energy and spit a mouthful of blood almost loosening the essence of the flame.

As soon as the essence of the flame was to use the aura again to escape the dragon blood in the body of Zhang Yi also strengthened and released a stronger aura than before and as if it had frightened the essence of the flame stopped to rebel.

As he was afraid of receiving another attack Zhang Yi quickly brought the essence of flame into his body, then as if feeling the essence of blood inside Zhang Yi's body only allowed to absorb gradually.

So little by little the pure fire energy circulated through the meridians and Zhang Yi's body, as the Phoenix had much stronger cultivation level than Zhang Yi, the essence of flame poured the rest of the spiritual energy accumulated in his body.

Thus all the remaining internal wounds in Zhang Yi's body were healed, his cultivation also increased rapidly, and his spiritual energy became qi, and he rapidly increased his cultivation to the supreme layer and reached the middle degree of the layer.

This energy also increased the synchronization with the essence of flame that remained in the Dantian and in the source of his mental energy, as this was the essence of divine flame would be great for everything, both refining weapons, and pill to fight too, part of the Flame essence reverted into phoenix blood and merged into the body of Zhang Yi.

As it was only a little blood, the dragon blood that was tyrannical in his body also accepted, the essence of fire fell from force to real Houtian to be able to stay and fuse in the body of Zhang Yi, but the more Zhang level Yi increase the essence will also increase.

Zhang Yi was very pleased with the events in this cave, he not only escaped certain death but also received another increase in his strength, now if he met another group of wolves he would kill them all more easily.

Also now he was confident in clearing the 4th level even more, with his flame essence he could fight head-on with a Xiantian realm warrior and still had a chance to sell, even more so that he would have two other baptisms that would be even better than the previous.

In addition, when he passed to the Houtian Zhang Yi realm would go through another celestial tribulation, and also learn many divine martial arts, Zhang Yi was no longer afraid, he was looking forward to it now.

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