36 The World Hope 12

After going through this baptism his base was still the same since Zhang Yi had no advance in his cultivation either and only with his mental energy and his body refinement that are always free of impurities.

Now he just had to clean the fourth floor to find out what he would have to do for the voice, Zhang Yi hoped it had to do with people on the other side of the world that the expert wanted to protect.

As the voice said that not a lot of spiritual energy went to the other side there should not be people who could threaten his life, so it would be the perfect place for him to stay for a while and live a normal life.

After he could help the voice with whatever she needed, Zhang Yi knew the voice had suggested that he give his chance to use the teleportation matrix for Bai Cheng, because then he would be stuck here, but he did not care about that already who never planned to leave if what he needed to do was save.

After resting for a day, Zhang Yi soon began cleaning the fourth level, now he no longer feared fighting level 4 beasts, even more than to clear that level he needed only to kill 10 of them and not hundreds as on the other levels.

Even so, it would not be such an easy task, if he were surrounded by a group of wolves Zhang Yi could end up dead, in addition, he still needed to find the treasure that was on that fourth level and pick it up.

With his new divine sense technique, he did not have to worry about finding an area that blocked his quest, which worried he was being attacked when he could not know the location of his enemies being killed by his own treasure.

As he sneaked and killed in only one blow the level 3 beasts, Zhang Yi did not know what the attack of a third or fourth level beast was, he had heard that it looked like a martial art, not to mention the level 4 beasts Stronger could use the laws as well.

So for his first fight, he was looking for a beast that was alone in a place where he had no other beasts for miles, because only by experimenting on himself could Zhang Yi know what a beast's attack was like.

Soon he found a big bear that looked like a small building when he was standing, this bear did not seem to have any mutation on the outside, but Zhang Yi was more careful still, after all, it was more dangerous when the beasts seemed more normal.

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He approached the bear with the spear in his hands, the bear looked like he had not yet noticed that Zhang Yi was nearby, the technique of concealment with the strongest mental energy was truly incredible.

After Zhang Yi attacked with his strongest blow, but only a shallow cut was made on the bear, that same blow before cut the level 3 beasts in half on the third level, so you could see the difference in the strength of the two beasts at different levels.

After being attacked the bear roared with pain and anger and finally realized the location of Zhang Yi, soon the bear gave a strong blow with the claw away from Zhang Yi, but this simple blow became in small sharp bursts of wind towards him.

Zhang Yi, who was already prepared for a deflected attack, he saw that this attack, which in addition to looking like a martial technique, still contained a faint element of wind contained in it, to see the strength and speed of the attack.

Zhang Yi was still surprised at this but was not scared, he deduced that he could receive several of these attacks with his armor without being injured.

After Zhang Yi continued the fight with a bear, this was Zhang Yi's first longest fight after learning his new spear technique that gradually became more apparent in his movements.

When Zhang Yi closed the distance the bear did not seem to have martial techniques to use closely and as Zhang Yi always deviated from his claws, the bear began to attack with his body that was his greatest strength.

Although Zhang Yi was not afraid to fight hard, he still used his various spear techniques to defend and deflect from the bear's strongest attacks and also make several injured from the huge body of the beast.

After a fight time, the bear was injured and bleeding, the fight was getting exhausting Zhang Yi still had a lot of qi and mental energy, but this showed that his decision had been sure to find a beast alone to fight.

If he found more than one despite not being injured thanks to his strong defense he would have to have much more effort to kill the beasts.

The bear also realized that this human despite being fighting on an equal basis with him did not tire and also was not injured by their attacks, so the bear began to think of escaping this fight.

After the beasts had risen and became stronger, their intelligence was also increased, so they were no more irrational beasts than before they were blinded by rage and wanted to fight to the death.

Zhang Yi also noticed that the bear was thinking of fleeing and intensifying the attacks until it took part of the power that was contained in its armor and began to use the essence of flame of the Phoenix to increase its power of the attack.

When the fight became more difficult and the bear realized that he would not survive he started to defend himself more and gave up attacking as he knew he could not hurt Zhang Yi when Zhang Yi saw it realized that his chance to end the fight had arrived.

He removed his armor completely and used all the flame essence of the Phoenix for the attack and at the same time used in his attacks the martial technique that learned <rain of feathers> thus giving two attacks at a time in the bear.

So after a while, Zhang Yi managed to kill the first beast, he realized with this fight how difficult it would be to kill all 10 beasts and that it would be difficult to clear that level today and find the place where the treasure was hidden.

While searching for treasure site Zhang Yi managed to find two wolves alone when he would leave that wolves behind he saw that they used the element fire for their attacks.

Looking at this Zhang Yi smiled he took his spear and attacked the two wolves, thanks to the essence of the flame of the Phoenix, the element of fire of normal beasts was the element he least feared, and these two wolves neither were at the peak of the Xiantian realm, that gave confidence to Zhang Yi fight the 2.

With his spear in his hands and without hiding his presence Zhang Yi activated even his aura that had not used in his fight against the bear to spend a lot of energy, he expected a difficult fight, but Zhang Yi did not tell that his field was very strengthened and took half of the forces of the two wolves.

With this great advantage, Zhang Yi used all his strength and with his martial technique attacked the two wolves at the same time using the lightning contained in the spear, so in much less time than used to kill the bear and wasting less energy Zhang Yi killed the two wolves.

Only when he decided to use all his powers did Zhang Yi realize how strong he was now, so he was more confident in finding that treasured spot and clearing that level quickly.

After that, Zhang Yi continued to run through the fourth-level area to find the treasure, while he just deviated from the beasts he encountered and only faced the beasts that had a fire attribute.

After all, although the goal of this level was to kill only 10 beasts, there were still thousands of level 4 beasts at all levels, so finding 10 that we're alone or in pairs was not very difficult.

On his way he found another beast with fire attribute and killed, after that he returned to his room at the end of the other day, after 3 days of searching he found an area in which his mental energy could not explore.

At that moment he had already killed 8 beasts and only 2 were missing until he could clear the level, so he was avoiding killing more beasts in case there is a beast there where he finds the treasure.

When Zhang Yi found the place where his mental energy was being restricted, he did not hesitate this time and entered directly into the area, after all, he had increased his strength and prepared himself as much as he could to find that treasure, now was no time to hesitate.

When he entered the area where the spiritual energy seemed to be several times more abundant than in the cave where he found the essence of the flame of the Phoenix.

In that place, he watched for a moment and after taking a look around and finding nothing he was more in the center of this spiritual energy, after walking for a while he saw a sight that impressed him.

In the center of this spiritual energy had a waterfall over 30 feet high, and this waterfall was not along with any river either before or after, the water seemed to start from nowhere to form the waterfall and then continue for a while and disappear.

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