35 The World Hope 11

Zhang Yi had acquired only the materials necessary for the spear to be strengthened so that it could withstand until it acquired the indestructible attribute completely, and when it reached the divine full it could have better materials to reinforce the spear.

Zhang Yi only dared reinforce the base of the spear and thus refine this weapon, because in his teacher's jade had something about it, his teacher hoped that the materials with which the spear was initially made could not stand the tribulations.

So she said that to refine the spear again he just needed a strong bone of an animal that had a strong lightning attribute before death and put in the middle of the spear.

Then he needed to use the rest of the lightening of the tribulation that had fallen asleep on the spear to make that bone diminish to the required size of the spear.

With his mental energy and the flame essence of the phoenix he would help melt the bones along with the core of a beast and thus use the powdered phoenix feathers as a catalyst so that the bone only reinforced the anterior lance and did not form a new.

After that the spear would still have more strength to withstand the lightning of tribulation and hold well until it became indestructible, then the spear might even gain lesser intelligence.

So Zhang Yi did what his master told him, after finishing his spear was new and much stronger, he was sure she would endure at least three more tribulations, once she became indestructible it would not matter anymore.

The lance also rose to the rank silver after being reinforced, and Zhang Yi also greatly improved his knowledge in weapon refinement.

After finishing all his preparations he was ready to clean the third and fourth floors after that, he was no longer afraid of the beasts of level 4 and much less of the beasts of level 3.

Even so, he was careful and entered Level 3 carefully and hiding his presence, as his mental energy was much stronger now the beasts could not feel anything even if he was standing in front of them.

With his mental energy strengthened with his technique <divine sense> he could easily feel where the beasts were he went to places where they were alone and when he saw the first one was a bit surprised.

It looked like a tiger as it was on the first and second floor, but the difference was that this tiger had undergone a mutation when it rose to rank 3, had some bones bounced on its back and chest and looked like armor protecting its vital points.

Zhang Yi found this curious, he had heard about it from others more was the first time he fought with wild beasts that were different from earth animals.

But as his attack was strong enough to kill beasts of the Xiantian realm see the beast that mutated was no reason to make him hesitate, so he took his spear and took a swing with all his strength, around the spear was his qi and also the flame essence of the phoenix.

This balance ended up cutting the tiger in half with its bone armor being cut in the middle anyway, this gave confidence to Zhang Yi that strength was everything.

So he kept hiding his aura and attacking the beasts that walked alone, the beasts were so easy to kill that he did not even need to use the fighting technique he learned, but he still wore the <divine sense> all the time and the <lord of the wind and lightning> as well.

In just one day he killed 40 level 3 beasts and only had to slow down because qi's spending of divine techniques was too great for his level of cultivation.

Even with the expense being greater Zhang Yi was satisfied with the utility of the technique, in this way he would be confident in staying safe in any situation.

So after 2 days he killed 99 beasts and only 1 was missing, so Zhang Yi stopped and prepared to receive the baptism the other day, he knew that his hunting speed would be much higher after going through tribulation.

So he did everything he had to do before going through the third level because afterward, he would not have time, and with the baptisms of the third and fourth level Zhang Yi that were much larger than the tribulation, he had before.

Not to mention that he would have to seal his cultivation to not get to the middle tier of the Houtian realm by accident and without expelled the world hope before reaching the fourth level or fulfill the request of the voice.

"Voice, if I can not reach the intermediary layer of the Houtian realm how will I be able to achieve your request?"

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[No need to worry, the only rule that exists here is that before cleaning the fourth level you have to be below the intermediary layer of Houtian realm after you clear the fourth level the restriction also disappears.]

[Of course, whoever created this rule only cared about qi realm, if he knew there would be someone like you who could make his body refinement reach the Xiantian realm, he would know he made that rule for nothing.]

[I'll also help make sure your cultivation does not reach the middle layer yet, I think your mental energy can also reach the middle layer of the realm room before you get out of here.]

Zhang Yi was thinking the same, his mental energy could pass from the intermediary layer of the Houtian realm, glad he could advance beyond the middle layer after clearing the fourth level, so he could enjoy the whole fourth baptism.

So after preparing himself the other day he marveled the last beast and so returned to his room to receive the baptism of pure spiritual energy, soon the energy began to flood the room where was Zhang Yi.

It was an amount of spiritual energy that was double the last time, feeling this he was anxious to know how much energy he would receive at the next baptism.

The spiritual energy tried to invade your Dantian and meridians, but as the cultivation of Zhang Yi was sealed it did not allow any of this, as this spiritual energy was twice as long as the time to absorb was also doubled.

So Zhang Yi even managed to use a part of this energy to use in his body refinement, his mental energy was mostly absorbing most of that energy and after a while, he can finally reach the third realm which was equivalent to the Houtian realm.

It was good that Zhang Yi had double the time he had in his last baptism, otherwise much of the energy would be lost, his body can also use the energy of baptism and can advance to the middle layer of the realm of body refinement.

After he was able to use a portion of the pure spiritual energy left to advance to the middle layer of mental energy, and so he was able to use all the energy of baptism, Zhang Yi was very pleased with that.

After all, it could take years for Zhang Yi to train his mental energy that was the slowest of his cultivation, now it was to see how much he could raise his cultivation of mental energy until he passed his last baptism.

Otherwise, he could take a year to pass a layer as long as he could use the high-level spiritual stones his cultivation of mental energy would be as fast as the other methods of cultivation.

His greatest gain was to be able to increase his body refinement also in this baptism, the next tribulation was what he most worried if he could not have a body strong enough to handle it was difficult to know if he could survive.

So he had to do as much as he could to increase the level of his defense techniques and also his spear that was refined again, it was important that his spear could attract the most violent part of the tribulation.

Zhang Yi did not have much hope in the treasure he would find on the fourth floor, after all, how many natural treasures of the same level of the flame essence of the phoenix could exist in a world like this that was not even the divine plan.

Besides, even if it were a treasure of the same level, how could he have the good fortune of the treasure to be absorbed by him, or even that he did not end up dead with a slack that the treasure brought.

In the space of his mental energy now he could see that a city was beginning to be formed, gradually in a great area of ​​several kilometers several villages like the one that had been created was forming and between them, several buildings also were created.

When it reaches the peak of the room realm of mental energy these villages will connect and create a huge city and also day and night will be created with laws existing naturally.

At that point life could exist in your mental energy, but not a human being, maybe a beast can exist, since beasts can adapt more easily to an environment like that which would be formed at that moment in their mental energy.

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