34 The World Hope 10

Still it took him about a month for him to learn the initial grade of level 1 while he did this, Zhang Yi was also learning more about how he could refine his spear that would have to be done as fast as possible, after all his spear was not yet indestructible, and if he lost it it would be unacceptable.

Soon afterward as well as his training that could be considered torture, Zhang Yi also had successfully advanced to the advanced layer of body refinement, although his speed still is enormous to advance took 2 months this time, and would only continue to increase.

Even so, it was no reason to be discouraged, so Zhang Yi soon began to cultivate to try to advance to the supreme layer of the third realm of body refinement.

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So he also began to study his third technique that would be a support technique, the technical name was <divine sense> was a technique to increase the senses of the cultivator, with that Zhang Yi technique could feel animals up to 10 times the distances of which he can normally with his mental energy.

This is a special technique so in spite of having 10 levels it was easier to learn, so after half a month he managed to reach the beginning of the first level of the technique.

He soon felt his senses being magnified twice, so he could see feeling something up to 500 feet away which made him safer and also helped him to hunt the beasts in the levels of this world hope.

The next technique he wanted to learn was one of weapon dominance, and the technique he chose was one to make better use of the spears if it was called <Dragon Spear>.

It was a technique that taught all that was necessary to learn about the spear, and in the final levels of this technique, it was said that the user could reach the Dao with the spear and also each movement of the spear would be like a moving dragon.

As they had many things to learn in this technique and it was more difficult to learn Zhang Yi took a month and a half to learn the initial level of this technique.

At the same time, he also reached the supreme layer of body refinement, so now with another 2 months, he could reach the peak layer and in another 4 months reach the fourth realm of body refinement which was equivalent to the Xiantian realm.

So he decided to learn another technique that was very important to him, was a technique of movement plus it was also a technique of escape, the name of the technique was <spatial distortion>.

It was a technique that as the name says the user of the technique was like teleporting to another place, the user who learned this technique would connect with the space laws for a moment and so he could escape a great danger.

The best thing was that to learn this technique the user needs not have mastered the laws of space, the master who created this technique must have had enough work and understanding of the laws of space to be able to create such a technique.

According to his masters, this was an essential technique for teaching the best disciples of a great sect, if a disciple with the talent of Zhang Yi was killed without having time to grow up would be a great loss for the whole sect.

Although this technique did not have to use the understanding of the spatial laws to learn anyway, it was a very complicated technique to understand, if this technique were given to a disciple with a low perception it would be useless.

It really was a technique designed for geniuses, Zhang Yi took more than two months to get to the initial level of understanding the technique.

While studying the technique Zhang Yi had also reached the peak layer of his third realm of body refinement, now it was less than 2 months before he could reach the beginning of the fourth realm.

If one could see that Zhang Yi was only 15 years old and was in such a high cultivation, in realm divine if one could pass through the realm of the mortal tribulation before the age of 100 would be a genius never seen in history who would have great chances of reaching the realm divine in your life.

And Zhang Yi was training 3 different cultivation types, this would have a huge advantage in higher realms, not to mention that such a warrior would have no weaknesses and also have several ways of attacking an enemy.

But if one looked at the appearance of Zhang Yi could not say that he was only 15 years old, he was almost 2,10 m, and his whole body was covered with muscles, but the muscles did not make him look like someone who frequented long ago a gym, but if he put on a suit no one could imagine that his body had muscles.

his long black hair that was a little below shoulder height was smooth and his face seemed to have reached the age of 20, but it also had a youthful charm, his black eyes had a peculiar gleam in his pupils.

On his face, he also had a beard that was as black as his hair and covered the underside of his face like a mask, but the beard was thin and as if it had cared for every day.

This was his appearance now, and if he did not stop cultivating Zhang Yi would still look the same for another hundred years, when someone arrives at the Houtian realm his mortal body to change and is fully developed.

Of course, it is not normal to see someone who has come to the Houtian realm before his body has finished developing, now the body of Zhang Yi was being gradually transformed throughout his cultivation into an immortal body.

After that Zhang Yi began to cultivate his body for the initial layer of the fourth realm, after that whenever he had the time he would try to increase the cultivation of his body, so he would be more likely to survive by the third heavenly tribulation.

While he was growing to get to the realm room he also began to train the latest technique that he thought he needed before going to the 3 level world of hope.

The technique he wanted to learn was a technique of movement that could improve every aspect of his struggle, as well as his ability to survive in any situation.

The technique was called <lord of the wind and lightning> although having this name this divine technique does not need to have an understanding about the elements of wind and lightning, but if you have the understanding as to the escape technique the efficiency of the technique would be greater.

This was a technique that in your domain could increase the speed of the user by up to 10 times, of course in the first level it only doubles the speed of the user of the technique.

Among all the divine motion techniques he had received this was the most useful for various situations and also the easiest to learn, not to mention that it could be used along with other techniques.

After a while, Zhang Yi took a month and a half to reach the initial level of the first level of technique, so after learning all these techniques he was sure to face any situation that would arise in the world hope.

After a few days also Zhang Yi came to the initial realm room of his body refinement, which meant that no one below the Xiantian realm could hurt him, and even more now along with the technique <celestial armor> he was sure that even a realm Xiantian warrior could severely injure him.

This was what worried him most, his attack power had already come a long time ago to the point of killing a Xiantian warrior, right now he could even fight with several Xiantian warriors together.

But what always worried Zhang Yi was that his defense was not even close to that level, so he could hurt a Xiantian warrior, but the same was also true, but now he could fight several Xiantian warriors and still leave without being greatly injured.

This was the minimum necessary for him to cleanse the fourth level, and he knew that the more his cultivation increased, the more his attack and defense would increase as well, and he still had a third level baptism and one fourth and one more tribulation before go to the other side of this world.

It was a pity that he could not create armor to defend himself, for it was useless would not be worth the time and labor needed to create one, after all when he finished this armor until he got here the end of this world the armor could no longer defend him.

But although he could not make an armor he could refine his spear again, the material he would use to do this was few, it was a bone of a mutant tiger that had reached the realm of the spiritual sea and died.

This tiger had a very fine distant lineage of the divine white tiger animal, but it also had a strong element of lightning, it was one of the beasts that had been killed when the expert-created this side of the world.

This was a pity, beasts of lightning attribute always manage to cross the realm of mortal tribulation and rise to the divine plan, but this died without having the chance, Zhang Yi also took the core of this tiger and some feathers of the phoenix that had lost its element fire.

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