205 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 9

"So when you have an advanced understanding of the laws of space you gain much more authority over the laws of space, so you almost completely understand the laws of space, you should know that well."

"But to have a supreme understanding is not the same as before, you have to start understanding not only the laws of space, but space in general, so the further one gets to the supreme understanding of the laws of space, the more far away you can go."

"If a warrior has a strong enough body and strong cultivation, that warrior with the supreme understanding of the laws of space can find his way to other worlds and other planes, you can return to the world you were before you came to the divine plane for example"

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Hearing this Zhang Yi understood a few more things, he thought it would be easier for him to come to the supreme understanding of the laws of space alone, which was only a matter of time, but it seemed that he was wrong.

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