202 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 6

After a while, the search had to stop because Elder Cao was tired after soul searching so many times, but no one can relax and everyone was more nervous about waiting, after all when Elder Cao stopped resting the search would continue.

Zhang Yi was the coolest in all this and was just bored of having nothing to do, when he could he would watch Elder Wang see if he could learn a little what the supreme understanding of the laws of space was.

After all, he had been stuck in advanced peak understanding for over 6 years, sure was too little time for others, but for Zhang Yi who always cultivated and understood things very quickly 6 years was too long.

Especially because he knew that when he came to the supreme understanding of the laws of space he could return to the continent of the blue moon, so he could see how Iron Sect was doing and visit the hope world to see the elves along with Lusserina and Saphielle.

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