201 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 5

"As we have already said, our sect is sure to have some elders and disciples infiltrated by the soul-eater organization and in the name of the continent's peace we ask for the cooperation of all the sects."

"We understand that, but who are these infiltrated elders and disciples and how their sect will prove that they are really infiltrators of the organization."

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When one of the elders asked this, the 10 Sword Sect elders appeared and circled them all, the sects were surprised that they saw only a few Sword Sect elders, but now they saw that they had the 10 strongest elders in the realm of emptiness before here in the tournament.

The mood was tense again and so many had a feeling that something very bad could happen, after all as Sword Sect could prove they had disciples and elders infiltrated by the organization when no one before could ever prove it.

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