200 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 4

Soon after Elder Lu left the tent where she was at the Sword Sect camp and headed toward where her master had arrived, Zhang Yi sensed that something might be happening, but did not care because it was done by his sect.

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It really was something elder Lu had organized since she learned through Zhang Yi that the soul-eater organization was in this tournament she decided to do something to undermine this evil organization.

As Zhang Yi said that only someone who cultivated mental energy and had soul searching technique she asked for help for the sect in the stronger territories, she remembered that when she was in that territory they had some elders who were masters of mental energy.

So she also asked her master who was a warrior of the emperor's realm and had a supreme understanding of the laws of space, so her master could soon seek that master from the strongest territories and bring her to the place where the tournament was being held.

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