199 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 3

Fighting with stronger-tier opponents was difficult for the stronger disciples, at different levels it was even harder, and that was why Zhang Yi's talent that could fight several levels above was so surprising.

So it was strange that the Sword Sect disciple could win the fight so easily if he was winning with difficulty it was more possible, so some realized that it was a trap of the disciple of the soul-eater organization.

After gaining the upper hand, the disciple of the organization attacked with great force without stopping and without letting the Sword Sect disciple react, at that moment the Sword Sect disciple realized that he had lost this fight.

He wanted to give up the fight, but his opponent's attacks somehow prevented himself from speaking, so he remembered the sect elders' warnings and regretted not giving up the fight as long as he could.

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