206 The Sword Sect Acts Decisively in the Tournament 10

After reaching the supreme understanding of the laws of space, Zhang Yi would be much more confident of fleeing from elders to the emperor's realm, at which point he would be calmer to cultivate, then he might even go to the blue moon continent again.

For land it was impossible for him to return again because he did not have a strong enough body to make this trip, he had to at least go into the emptiness realm and having the body refinement also in the eleventh realm.

Elder Wang was also happy with Zhang Yi's excitement to learn, even though Elder Wang could not be sure if Zhang Yi had greatly improved his understanding of the laws of space, he knew that Zhang Yi had certainly learned a lot in that time.

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The other sect warriors were different, it seemed that the sect's disciples were in no hurry to learn things and just wanted to let it happen naturally because of their talent.

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