14 The Sect Iron 5

The deacon was called by all of deacon Pan, his cultivation was near the realm of the spiritual sea, so he was very respected because soon he would be an Elder, so he himself wanted to be supervised the building of the weapons.

In this place, the disciples would choose the weapons according to the authorization of the elders or if they reached a certain level of cultivation, also could gain a chance to come to the building to choose a weapon if it obtained many contributions doing missions.

Still, this was not a popular building, even the headquarters building received many more visitors, so normally only young people like Zhang Yi would come to the building when they were starting in the sect.

"And boy, what would you like the building here?"

"I was recommended here to choose two bronze-level weapons by Elder Shen."

Zhang Yi quickly said who sent him and what he wanted because he did not want a fuss over a small matter, if he was not going to say it directly, he would probably be dismissed for his low cultivation and age.

And that was exactly what he thought, Deacon Pan was grumpy today and when he saw a young man who did not seem to have any cultivation he would take advantage of it to discount his anger at the young man more as soon as he heard that he was sent by Elder Shen the deacon gave up the idea.

Although he was now very close to becoming an Elder, there was still plenty of time left, and even though he was an Elder, his difference between a new Elder and the stronger Elder was obvious, moreover Elder Shen was very respected by to be loyal to the sect, anyone who was openly against him would be a traitor.

"So there are two bronze-level weapons for the young hero, what weapons will be, I must say that each room has different types of arming, so you have to go to each separately."

"I will want a spear and also a sword, the sword has to have both sides sharp and be a medium sword, the spear has to be hard and not very flexible."

"Well then let's choose your sword first, as you are an acquaintance of Elder Shen I'll leave you inside the room of bronze swords and you choose the one you like the most."

"Then I thank you."

Although not very knowledgeable about the things of the world Zhang Yi had already realized that being a direct disciple of the Elder Shen was a great thing different from what he thought when he met him, even more so it was not his character to use the Elder's name to intimidate the others, even more so he did not hesitate to use as a shield to avoid problems.

As the deacon began to treat Zhang Yi well, he forgot the way the deacon had spoken to him before and also talked while maintaining respect for the deacon who had antiquity and cultivation greater than himself.

This unknowingly had already secured several favorable points like several deacons of the sect and even some Elders, very talented young people who had high cultivation lived many years being flattered by all around and acquired much arrogance, then they tended to despise the others, only Zhang Yi was not like that.

As soon as he entered the room Zhang Yi found himself in the middle of a place with many weapons, had swords of various sizes and different weights, the weapon that Zhang Yi most liked was the ordinary sword that had both sides sharp and was also medium-sized, because this weapon allowed it to have greater control by his space and exhibited greater speed.

Soon he found a sword he liked, Zhang Yi did not have much knowledge of the weapon's ability and the materials she was made, he just felt that it was a good weapon made to kill, and he chose well, that weapon was peak grade and also had a small reinforcement for those of the metal attribute.

Deacon Pan also found it to be a good choice, because for him, apart from the differences in grades of weapons he did not have the best and only the best weapon, so he approved the method that Zhang Yi chose other disciples often choose weapons that could increase your social status more than your strength.

Then he went to the bronze level lance room and with the same method chose a spear that looked very beautiful, was a little purple and a little blue and was firmer, the way Zhang Yi liked the Elder Pan also approved the choice, this was a spear-grade spear that was close at the silver level, it was a spear with the rare attribute of lightning, and so when it hit a target it could cause a little paralysis, and on a stormy day it might attract a small ray.

Although Zhang Yi did not have the lightning attribute soon enough he would go through a celestial tribulation, and although he was not in any danger, his masters in his notes said that it would be a good chance to get stronger, so he wanted to get that spear that had a weak lightning attribute to see if he could strengthen the spear with the energy of tribulation.

So he returned to his home in the deadly area, he liked this house, it was even bigger than his house in his past life, and he was very comfortable, they asked him if he wanted to have employees and he said that not so he only had 2 people to cook for him, and these people also hardly appeared in front salt.

Many cult farmers had their families in their home and others had a harem, others hired only women to satisfy their desires unrelated to them, few were like Zhang Yi who did not want anyone else but he knew he had a mother in his house which does not leave dirt of any kind.

He also wanted to have people to relate to, more by feelings like his parents and not anyone, it can be said that it is a trustworthy word since he was a virgin for more than 400 years, and this also helped strengthen his heart, Dao.

In cultivation Zhang Yi was now passing his consciousness through the jade of the seventh layer of body refinement and also of the fifth layer of qi cultivation, this layer is the refinement of blood, blood has always been part of the cultivator's strength and also contained a part of the vital energy of the body, some types of cultivation depended only on blood to prolong life, but it was impossible to attain immortality.

Even so, it was very important and would greatly aid in the technique of body refinement and in two other layers of that realm of qi, so it should be done with care, Zhang Yi again cultivated equally to the other layers, his base was as strong as possible the need to slow down their cultivation rate.

As he cultivated this layer the dragon's blood in his body was being fused more and more into his body, as it was refined blood by a cultivator of his master's level was easier, many died by trying to assimilate powerful lineages in their bodies, so Zhang Yi still had a much weaker power realm than the origin of the blood, it could be said that he was very lucky.

So after 20 days he finally reached the peak of the fifth layer of mental energy, it took 80 days in total, plus this step had been faster than the previous one, this shows how his decision was wise to cultivate together with qi, otherwise, it would take decades to get to the Houtian realm.

He soon became conscious with the jade of the sixth layer of mental energy, in that layer he would end up making more realistic the walls and windows of his house in mental energy, and then he would put the roof and the doors, and so on the ninth layer, he would have the full house, then he would start to create a village full of houses like his.

It is said that depending on the talent of the mental energy cultivator, one day he could create a world with mental energy in his mind, and in that world he could enter and put other living beings in, so he would be almost a god, he wanted to know if your teacher has already reached that level.

Of course, so much of the spiritual energy in the world that would be created in the cultivation of the mind would be less than his own level of cultivation, so only a weaker expert than Zhang Yi could emerge, and he could also have wild animals and then kill those animals and then your world of mental energy would absorb that energy.

That is why they say that all cultivators challenged the Dao and the laws of the world and deserved to receive heavenly tribulation because they could even create worlds with their power and could gain more spiritual energy that should be from the world and not from the cultivator.

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Of course the world itself is much larger than all-powerful cultivators, and spiritual energy would not dry out just by having people cultivate, say the world itself sometimes create unnatural monsters for these monsters to kill the world's most powerful growers and so they would not be truly immortal and the energy would return to the world.

And these monsters were more powerful than dragons and divine animals, it is a taboo name for all places and only the cruelest are called so, they call themselves demons.

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