13 The Sect Iron 4

So while Bai Cheng entered a wonderful state of cultivation and was cultivating to break his bottleneck for a few months, Zhang Yi was growing at the same speed without being in a semi-lit state.

So Zhang Yi took only 20 days to reach the peak of the second layer of qi, then he saw that from the outside some servants brought their farming resources that Zhang Yi did not get because they did not need and also their food, it seemed that they traded the food every day and it was still warm.

Zhang Yi took the food and ate soon after he found it was much better than the animals he ate, these foods were all that contained spiritual energy, so in addition to tasty would help in cultivation, so, Zhang Yi, only these foods would help him to cultivate faster, so he decided to eat once a day, as now he was not cultivating the mental energy he did not need to concentrate so much that he would not eat for months.

So he became curious and saw what these farming resources were, the first was a blood pill as he said in jade, it was a very useful pill for first realm growers who needed blood energy and vital energy beyond spiritual energy, had 60 pills there, it seems that he earned 30 per month, they also had 100 low-level spiritual stones and 40 spirit-reinforcing pills, which helped in the cultivation and also recovered the energy of the body, that and the blood pill also served to heal wounds.

Still he was not interested, now that he reached the peak of the second layer he thought he had better cultivate all kinds at once, both the mental and qi energy and the refinement of the body, because all would now take a long time to cross a layer, if he continued like this he would need a lot of time to cultivate and he would lose his best age.

So he passed his consciousness through the jade of the fifth layer of mental energy, the fifth layer of body refinement technique and the third layer of qi cultivation, he concentrated a little trying to cycle in his mind and use his energy cultivation of qi to help also in the refinement, so he could do all three.

Zhang Yi was eager to get to the Houtian realm to be able to learn the techniques of movement and also the fighting techniques, he was thinking of raising his cultivation to the peak of this realm and leaving the sect for a mission in disguise, so he could pass in an isolated place by his tribulation that would come with to move to the next realm.

Thus emerged Zhang Yi's new cultivation routine, he would cultivate a little of everything and concentrate mainly on his cultivation of qi because the house in his mind was already formed and he would only need to strengthen the walls and windows created and gather mental energy , this was a process that would take several months, his body could also be cultivated with the help of his qi, so only the cultivation of qi needed more concentration.

If Zhang Yi was not at a low level of cultivation and was not in his isolated home, it would be a spectacle for all to see how the spiritual energy of the environment gathered around Zhang Yi, the other growers liked to use medicine to increase their speed of spiritual energy gathering, and they used spiritual stones because they had more refined and smooth energies that were easy to use.

The more Zhang Yi's body was as if he were loved by the spiritual energy near him the spiritual energy was not rebellious and would gather close to him naturally as if he wanted to become part of it with the cultivation, thanks to the talents of Zhang Yi in the first realm, to Spiritual energy had already begun to circulate his Dantian, which would only happen near the Houtian realm normally.

And every day he stopped cultivating for a while to eat his meals, as for the farming resources he just kept everything in his mind space, actually Zhang Yi was so natural with that that Elder Shen even forgot to give a space ring for him.

The third layer of qi cultivation was the refinement of the muscles, and also was the partition, after that level all the cultivation increases would increase 1000 jin of force as well as in the third layer, in fact, that level was considered easier than the second layer, because you only have to circulate the spiritual energy and vital energy and blood in your body and naturally refine your muscles, you just need more accumulation.

For Zhang Yi, it was the same thing, just that as he was dividing his attention with mental energy and refinement it took a little longer than the second layer, but even so in 30 days he had reached the peak of the third layer and also the muscle refinement reached the peak of the fifth layer.

Zhang Yi never had problems with body refinement, now he would go hand in hand with the cultivation of qi, after all, he needed his body refinement to accompany his cultivation of qi to move on to the next realm, otherwise the tribulation could kill him, the mental energy could and might be left behind because it was much longer to cultivate, only if he could find a place of a former expert and receive pure mental energy to rapidly increase the layers.

Thus he became aware of the fourth layer of qi cultivation and of the sixth layer of body refinement, the fourth layer of qi cultivation was the refinement of organs, in this layer the vital energy and the blood energy were widely used, more this step also uses more spiritual energy than before because the organs are the foundation of body balance, where the five elements come together and help stabilize the body's spiritual energy before the Dantian is created.

This is different from the stronger elements of Zhang Yi which are earth and metal, the elements want to say familiarity with the element, Zhang Yi can use much better these elements in a fight, plus the five elements in his body have to be balanced for better spiritual energy.

As Zhang Yi had entered the intermediary stage of the first realm, the energy of the dragon's blood within his body was getting closer and closer to awakening and was merging into the lineage of Zhang Yi, so an aura began to appear around the body of Zhang Yi, but this aura was not perceived by him and perhaps only experts in the realm of their masters could recognize.

Also his mental energy was taking advantage of the excess of spiritual energy that his body was cultivating and was forming faster, so perhaps Zhang Yi can grow faster even though he could not concentrate on one thing because his cultivation formed a synergy in his body, it was hard to imagine how many layers Zhang Yi could jump into a fight.

So all day Zhang Yi continued to eat his food which was without him knowing almost doubling his cultivation speed, because the first realm of qi cultivation focuses more on the purity of the body, how much better to eat and the better the cultivation technique gold your body will be and more firm will be your base, the first realm was the basis for the first three realms of cultivation, then it is the Dantian.

And even more impressive than his base was firmer than it could be, no one was as stable as he who never used drugs to increase his cultivation, the truth behind it was that he saw in the notes of his masters that the less use this major drug would be potential, and Zhang Yi was not in a hurry to raise his cultivation, he still wanted to spend many things in the mortal world before reaching the divine plan, because there everyone would be geniuses as he is.

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So after another 30 days Zhang Yi was at the peak of the fourth layer of qi cultivation and also at the sixth-tier peak of the body refinement, his mental energy was also closer to reach the peak, now Zhang Yi felt that his whole body and all spiritual energy was balanced in his body, even if an expert looked at his body he would not see his level of cultivation, also because of his mental energy that caused it.

Now Zhang Yi decided to stop cultivating for a while and go to the sect's weapons building to pick up a sword and a spear, the Elder had said that he could choose either the bronze level, which was more suitable for use by people of the Really Houtian, but he should have the weapons by the time he gets there.

Although he could only use the techniques when he came to the Houtian realm, Zhang Yi used a spear and sword for almost 400 years, it is impossible that he was not very skilled at this, so now he could choose the right weapons to use when he needed.

Going to the building he met a deacon who was distracted there, although he had many disciples in the sect, only those above or equal to an external disciple could choose a weapon, and how long the time of cultivation was not every day that someone appeared there.

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