12 The Sect Iron 3

Thus Zhang Yi officially entered the first realm of qi cultivation which is called Body Refinement, and thus has the same name as the First Layer- Body Refinement, in the first layer the cultivator needs to exercise and move his body so that vital energy and the blood of every body boil and thus cleanses the impurities of the body, so was the beginning of refining, the purpose of this cultivation was to cleanse and transform the body that would transform from a totally mortal body into a more suitable and strong one for the spiritual energy in atmosphere.

Different from mental cultivation and body refinement techniques, the cultivation had differences in each layer, and the difference was the force that a punch could achieve clear that everything is very relative and depends on the cultivation technique or if the person would have a technique of body refinement as Zhang Yi.

In the first layer the punch can reach 100 jin of power, the second layer is 500 jin and the third layer is 1000 jin, and then increase 1000 in all the others until reaching 8000 jin in the ninth.

Zhang Yi did not need to move to his mental energy and his blood heated up in his body and began to move, as he had already done body refinement until the fourth layer the process was very smooth, and so after another 10 days, he arrived in the peak of the first cultivation kingdom.

After Zhang Yi felt his five senses and the elements of his body waking up, it was the same of his past life more this time Zhang Yi felt this change more clearly, he could feel his vital force increasing, that is why the realm of cultivation qi was fundamental even for those who cultivate the mental energy, after all, it is as if their level of existence increased with cultivation.

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You could only increase your life to a great extent by cultivating qi and also of supreme medicines, so cultivators had to face tribulations because they steal spiritual energy from the skies and lived longer than allowed doing the energy cycle spiritual to be interrupted, so some said it was the anger of heaven, but others said that it was the baptism of heaven, because after each tribulation one became stronger.

Also after reaching the peak of the first layer of qi cultivation, Zhang Yi could feel that the blood of a dragon in his line began to wake up and mix more in his body, but it seemed that the spiritual energy in his body is still insufficient to start some change.

So after feeling this wonderful sensation Zhang Yi was encouraged to continue his cultivation so he passed his consciousness on the second layer of qi and so began to pass the mantra of technique in his mind.

The second layer of qi is Skin Refinement, every cultivator has to have a good defense to be able to fight with confidence, and the refinement of skin makes the skin of the cultivator in armor of the level of the cultivator, against stronger opponents is useless even more is better than nothing, in addition, the important organ that is the skin can also increase the speed of regeneration of the cultivator.

Zhang Yi was cultivating with his maximum speed, using his mental energy and his talent to refine the skin and also for the first time using his elements to refine the skin, the earth element would improve the defense of his skin and the metal would make small cuts to accelerate the deconstruction of the body without hurting Zhang Yi.

It was a legendary speed of cultivation if you take into account that Zhang Yi was not using medicines, he only used his talents and also his cultivation to improve himself, the most important was that while Zhang Yi cultivated the sect spies were in the dark.

They only knew that Zhang Yi was gifted and that he was the Elder Shen's personal disciple who was their enemy, but they did not know what his level of cultivation was, they only deduced that it should be low because otherwise, the Elder would not send his disciple to a residence so bad.

As Zhang Yi had a low cultivation and was protected for being Elder's disciple, the spies who had to stay hidden dared not make any move that would attract suspicion.

They also knew that Zhang Yi should not go out to do missions which despite being a rule of the sect did not apply to personal disciples of elders because these people did not need to approve their value to the sect and would receive the resources directly from their masters.

While Zhang Yi concentrated on his cultivation things were not so at all in the Iron sect, when a talented disciple enters the Houtian kingdom until the age of 22 he can become an external disciple naturally, otherwise, he has to fight for some vacancies with thousands of other disciples.

Zhang Yi was already a direct disciple of an Elder, so this hierarchy had nothing to do with him for now, plus a future friend of his that will be very important in his life goes through this, Bai Cheng was only of a mortal family more eventually for having a silver colored body talent on the ball, and his perception was also good he got 16 colors in the test.

More to the Iron sect which was one of the largest on the mainland, such good talents were still not enough to receive preferential treatment, and so Bai Cheng other than Zhang Yi had serious problems with resources for cultivation.

In the first realm the resources given by the sect to talents like his were more than enough for Bai Cheng to reach the peak of the kingdom in less than three years, so he was hopeful in achieving his first goal which was to be directly an external disciple, because so its resources would be ten times greater.

For Bai Cheng, this would secure his future, because of all who

are once external disciples can continue in the sect by cultivating and becoming a deacon in the future, of course, their goal is to enter the realm of the Spiritual Sea until the end of life and become an Elder.

Plus this is a distant dream for Bai Cheng from now, after much more effort he reached the Supreme layer of the realm Qi accumulation, more came to a bottleneck and without farming resources in a short time could not reach the peak, much less the realm Houtian.

He was now 22 years old, it was a race against time to achieve, if he could not he could take another 4 years to enter through his force and be an outward disciple, plus this 4 years difference in cultivation resource would end his chances to reach the realm spiritual sea.

And the worst happened when he had to accept some missions to try to get the necessary resources he made enmity with Wang Fu who was grandson of a deacon of the Iron sect, the deacons were always at least real Xiantian and often in realms larger than that , and by age difference, they often dominated all disciples in strength, so no one wanted to offend anyone in the family of a deacon.

And this Wang Fu was very vindictive and stingy, but also had a talent comparable to Bai Cheng, so he was almost certain he would be a deacon like his grandfather, so he was even more spoiled than his other relatives, and he was also more new than Bai Cheng for a year and yet was already at the peak of the realm of qi accumulation.

Now Bai Cheng who got enough resources from the final cleaning which was a pill that could make someone cross one or if you are lucky two bottlenecks and takes you directly to the Houtian realm, so Wang Fu who got greedy by the ingredients ordered that Bai Cheng handed over the ingredients to him, of course, Bai Cheng did not accept and thus offended this uncomfortable enemy.

More now Wang Fu was threatening him that when he went out to do some mission, he would be pursued by Wang Fu and his henchmen, and within the sect deacon, Chen had asked for some favors so that no one inside the sect would be willing to refine that pill for him.

So Bai Cheng had to decide what to do in those months to be able to get into the Houtian realm before turning 23, so he tried to calm down and cultivate harder not to miss those months of waiting, he was sure that one a relative of a deacon would not have been waiting for someone unimportant like him for almost a whole year, and after he had entered the Houtian realm he would no longer have to fear the deacons' repressions because the sect would protect him from him.

While concentrating on gradually cultivating Bai Cheng who now had his way certain to the Houtian realm, he can only take away all his concern and calm his heart Dao, so he went into a state of almost enlightenment.

When he woke up the bottleneck that had bothered him for almost a year and also the reason for risking so much on a mission and then getting an enemy, he was the example of why it was important to have a stronger heart so as not to stray into moments that more need to focus on cultivation.

With his talent, he used to perhaps not need a remedy to achieve the Houtian realm, more and expectation of complying with one of his goals worked as a wall for him.

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