11 The Sect Iron 2

After Elder Shen and deacon Zhao decided what to do next they went to talk to Zhang Yi, because if he said everything after entering the sect it would not be good for them to try to keep a secret.

When they arrived the hall was relieved to see Zhang Yi still sitting there waiting, for them Zhang Yi was a treasure that could be stolen at any time.

"Hello young man, I am Elder Shen and I have heard of your great talent of deacon Zhao and he brought me here, I would like you to understand that in all the great sects like ours can have several spies, and talents like yours may end up being wiped out, so I wish you could keep a secret as we too will do about your talent, and you will be a disciple of mine here in the sect, so you will still receive many resources, what do you think. "

"I thank you for your concern and I accept the arrangements of the Elder, I would just like to enter the sect, otherwise the Elder can arrange whatever you want."

The Elder and the deacon looked at each other and smiled bitterly, the difference of talents is even different, if any other disciple of the sect heard that he would be in Elder's care they would cry and thank heaven for their good fortune, plus Zhang Yi who was gifted and mattered

And that was the truth, Zhang Yi did not need resources probably until he entered the divine plan, and so he wanted only a place as a sect to be able to be with people and cultivate in peace, so he did not care about his position in the sect.

After that the Shen Elder took Zhang Yi to the mission's building and registered Zhang Yi in the sect, he also put it that he would be his nominal disciple which caused envy of several disciples who were around, as the cultivation of Zhang Yi had not yet started on the Elder's vision, Zhang Yi was sent into the residential area of ​​the lower level disciples who was the mortal area.

The disciples stayed in this area until the actual Qi Gathering, so they would stay there for many years, which would not necessarily be true for Zhang Yi.

After going to the house he was assigned to, Zhang Yi did not want to start cultivating immediately, he wanted to know a little about the places of worship and other buildings of the sect.

Zhang Yi walked around and found several buildings such as those that made headquarters, the buildings of which he worked with alchemy, the building of the missions that most of the things a disciple would need were there, the building that refined weapons, and the building that were chosen the martial arts and cultivation that the Elder told Zhang Yi to look for.

More Zhang Yi did not need any cultivation technique or martial art so he did not even want to go in there, the places that have different farming facilities were forbidden until certain cultivation realm.

Zhang Yi did not find as many people as he thought he would find since this place had millions of people he thought he would find the patios full, it seems that those who were not cultivating were doing missions outside the sect, so it was almost empty.

Zhang Yi searched around a bit more before returning to cultivate as well until he found an interesting place, this was the place of records where he had all the information stored by the sect in its millennia of history, so he went there.

In this place, Zhang Yi learned several things that before did not know, the name of the only known continent in this world was the Continent blue moon.

And the Silver kingdom they were was one of the six strongest and the second richest, he also learned the name of several wild beasts that had the same strength of cultivators who were very powerful as well as valuable, all in the body of a beast of Top notch had value.

He also saw that he had the six strongest sects and that the Iron cult was one of them.

Sects of the Mainland blue moon was the sect Leaf that has alchemists, Iron sect who has cultivators who do body refinement, sect Yin and Yang who do double cultivation, Fire sect that only has cultivators of the element fire, Seita Ice that only growers of the water element and the Rose sect that only accepts women.

While Zhang Yi was reading ancient accounts of the early martial masters, he saw the reason for some places to have and others not spiritual energy, at the beginning of the world millions of years ago there was a huge explosion several light years away from the earth, in that several meteor blast were scattered around the world.

And in some meteors were formed of energy that was even more powerful and was the predecessor of spiritual energy, it was called chaos energy, it was a very powerful energy that no one could control.

From this energy emerged the five main and harmonious elements and other equally important elements that existed in lesser quantity, the worlds that the five elements were more abundant with the stones of chaos could form an ecosystem and thus re-exist life.

Animals that had less intelligence naturally acquired as the planet, an energy that could be controlled that was spiritual energy, the entire lands of the planets gained some sort of very low spiritual intelligence to communicate, more than enough to together form the cosmos a network of laws that made worlds and planets more stable.

Thus were mines of spiritual stones which were purified and condensed spiritual energy, and also the medicinal plants which had the most spiritual energy the longer they passed.

Animals became spiritual beasts and human ancestors lived only by eating the weaker animals and plants full of spiritual energy, and some supreme geniuses had divine bodies that naturally strengthened their bodies, so after sharing information with each other, it was forming systems.

And so over thousands of years the sects were created, and as people and animals died with their bodies filled with spiritual energy that energy was purified and grew, thus making the world richer in spiritual energy, and people began stealing this energy and defy the heavenly will and laws of the world to prolong their lives on the path getting stronger, so was found the martial Dao that everyone pursued.

And in worlds that had more meteors of chaos, they had more spiritual energy like the divine world, and places that had not fallen any meteor or died any spiritual animal also had no spiritual energy like the land on which Zhang Yi was born all done by fate.

Even someone with the talent of Zhang Yi was born on earth a place that had no spiritual energy, and how many people like him were born there and would die there without knowing the world of cultivation.

After Zhang Yi returned home to cultivate, he still wanted to cultivate only body culture, but he thought it was a good idea to at least get into the realm of qi cultivation in order not to arouse suspicion.

And now also he finally learned what the fasting pill was and did not have to leave his cultivation to starve himself.

So he passed his consciousness into the space of his mind and found there jade with the Method of cultivation for qi Divine Ascension, which was the method of cultivation passed to him by the blue specialist, this is not the same method of cultivation as Zhang Yi cultivated in his past life.

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Because the blue specialist realized that in the past life Zhang Yi had low perception he decided to pass the cultivation method with the lowest talent requirement, only so with the help of the blood qi of millions of deaths and more his highest realm of Zhang Yi's body refinement had gone through the first and second realm, then his perception increased a bit with cultivation and he can cultivate for longer.

More this method of cultivation for qi Divine ascension that the blue specialist passed this time is the same as what he himself cultivates, so one must imagine the difficulty of passing realms, of course with the difficulty also has the benefit, so after if you cultivate your spiritual energy, it is thicker and sharper, it can help with body refinement specialists and you also gain more years of life practicing this method and its potential is increased by every realm that passes.

Because as the name of the technique already says, the purpose of this technique is to take the cultivator to the divine realm, which is still very far from the beginning of the cultivation of Zhang Yi, it can be said that this is a journey of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years old even with a great talent.

So seeing the old man's notes and remembering that it was very difficult to cultivate, Zhang Yi was prepared to get stuck in some layers of that realm.

And after only ten days Zhang Yi entered the first layer of the realm, it was much easier than he believed it to be, now he can see the importance of the perception that everyone was so much talked about.

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