45 The Other Side 9

As someone who lived on earth for hundreds of years in times of war and remembered what the Emperor did to his family only out of spite, Zhang Yi was someone who did not know how to trust people, so of course when he said no one was allowed to give, sell or lend his arms to others he had a guarantee of that.

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All the people who bought the weapons had to come personally to his shop, so he used a technique he learned from his master and put a small mark on the weapon and the person who bought the weapon.

If the person's mark disappears it means that the person died and if the mark became weaker it means that the person gave, loaned or sold the weapon to someone else.

So Zhang Yi was sure that his rule would not be broken, one day while relaxing in his workshop, Zhang Yi noticed that 6 hunters entered the village hiding and that one of those hunters was from the Xiantian realm.

Zhang Yi knew that all Xiantian realm warriors who existed in allied villages had already come to buy their weapons, so that means that these 6 hunters were not allies, hoping that one day something like this could happen he had already created a signal to send to the village hunters who would know something wrong happened and would come to his shop.

As soon as Zhang Yi sent the signal the hunters knew what it was and headed for Zhang Yi's workshop, there were 9 of the Houtian realm and 1 of the Xiantian realm, with that force everything would be resolved, after a few moments allied hunters already had met and heard from the enemies by Zhang Yi and prepared for an ambush.

The six hunters continued to move silently toward Zhang Yi's store, it was normal for them to think they had not yet been discovered by their enemies.

After a few moments when the 6 invading hunters arrived at the scene of the ambush and the hunters from the village of Zhang Yi attacked.

The realm Xiantian hunter faced the enemy of the Xiantian realm as well, and the other hunters picked up 2 of each for the hunters of the enemy village minus what was near the Xiantian realm.

As the desert elves have a similar battle force even being numerically advantageous the elves of the village of Zhang Yi expected a difficult fight, but soon they were surprised by what happened, in only some confrontations it was obvious that the invading hunters were being easily suppressed.

Soon the first enemy hunter who was the weakest was killed and so the situation to the side of the invaders only worsened, with the numerical advantage increased more and more invading hunters were being killed, and within minutes only the hunter of the Xiantian realm was alive.

As the hunters of Zhang Yi village realized that their friend was the one with the advantage they decided not to interfere in the fight, after all a warrior of the elm race realm Xiantian had a control of the elements and laws much superior to that of the Houtian realm, thus if more people got involved in this fight they could even end up dead.

Despite being a complete fight in favor of the hunter from the village of Zhang Yi, it was good for the warriors of the Houtian realm to see warriors fight from a higher realm, so they could learn a few things.

After a few more surprising clashes, the weapon that the enemy hunter was using to desperately defend himself broke in the middle, although he was also surprised as an experienced warrior the hunter did not miss the chance and used this chance to give the fatal blow.

So after the death of all the invading hunters mainly in the last fight, it became clear that the reason they could easily dominate the enemy was the new weapons and armor they had, as after they had obtained these weapons the hunters had no opportunity to leave to hunt they had not realized how their forces had increased.

After the fight the hunters were more respectful with Zhang Yi because they realized the difference that made these weapons, the realm hunter Xiantian went to Zhang Yi's workshop to report what happened.

"Mr. Zhang, we succeeded in defeating the invaders successfully, from what I could see they were from the great village commanded by Dalyor Waesthyra."

"You did very well, you must have realized after this fight, but the weapons you have now have greatly increased your fighting powers, I think that Houm middleman realm warriors can fight with an early Xiantian realm warrior with these weapons."

"Even against one of the big villages we are no longer at a disadvantage, even so, I do not think that Dalyor will give up so easily to get his hands on one of the weapons, even if I do not care much about it, I fear he may kill a warrior from one of the allied villages to obtain one of the weapons."

After hearing what Zhang Yi said the hunter realized that it was very likely that he was right, that means that it would be better if he could immediately notify the leaders of other villages.

"I think you're right, so I'll excuse myself because I'm going to have to warn allied village leaders about the danger."

Zhang Yi already hoped that this could happen so he did not care about it, and he was sure that even if they knew what would happen the Allied villages would still come to buy their weapons, after all in the martial world only the strongest can be respected and he knew that all the dark elves were independent.

So the chance to double his battle powers just having to pay some gold coins was something that no one who cultivated would give up, moreover, after the losses that this leader had today he would have to decide that he would continue the war to get the weapons or whether he would give up to preserve his strength.

But apparently, it was obvious that he would choose the way of the war to get stronger, even if that road was the path of his destruction.

When the hunter finished talking to Zhang Yi he immediately went to a grove that was a few miles from his village, this grove could contact the allied villages in case of a crisis, so the hunter injected his qi into an iron rod that looked more like a post.

This copper rod, after receiving qi, began firing spire of spiritual energy into the sky, this was the emergency signal that told all the leaders to meet in the woods that were halfway to the villages.

With this lightning, he could warn four of the allied villages to gather, after sending the signal he just sat down and waited for the arrival of the allies.

He began to think a little better about what Zhang Yi said to him before coming here, Zhang Yi had said that warriors could advance up to four layers of above cultivation in fighting power using these weapons, so his village now had the strength of 10 Xiantian realm warriors and the 4 Allied villages had the same strength.

With these figures should be enough to attack Dalyor before the situation becomes worse if there was a fundamental difference in a normal village and a large village was the ambition after all a large village had to have a leader capable of meeting at least 4 other warriors of the realm Xiantian.

Then the village will become strong enough to become a large village, in these large villages all the leaders he met were ambitious and had a desire to become a city in the future, that is to say that only ambitious people could try to convince other warriors from Xiantian realm to stayed in the village with him as leader.

So Dalyor would have no mercy and would continue attacking allied villages to get a chance to take up arms and make his great village stronger still, so the only chance they could continue to live in peace would be to kill Dalyor and show the other four large villages that they should not be despised.

Because it had another fundamental problem in this war to continue, at that time to keep the villages safe, the hunters had to stay in the villages to be able to protect, but this is only a situation that can be maintained for a short time, after all the hunters have to leave to just as soon as the villages can have food.

And that was not a problem that the large villages that had several strong warriors had to face, after all, they could always have a small group of hunters to provide food for the whole village.

After a few hours, the representatives of the four Allied villages had arrived, one of the four had a terrible look on his face.

"And I gathered you here because we are going through an emergency now, Dalyor the leader of one of the big villages found out about the weapons and sent 6 hunters to my hidden village to attack Zhang Yi, we managed to kill everyone, but after talking to Zhang Yi he pointed out the possibility of Dalyor trying to attack other villages as well so that he could get his hands on the weapons."

"So I realized that this could be an emergency for our villages and I got everyone here, we have to make a decision while we have time before the situation is unsustainable."

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