44 The Other Side 8

The four hunters who came were shocked by this question from Zhang Yi, because as high-profile hunters and experienced as they were, they entered the village in silence and were sure to pass as quietly as possible until they reached the blacksmith's shop.

But from what Zhang Yi said since they entered this village they were already on their watch, although blacksmith status was well respected in even large cities were not all that cared about it, these hunters were an example of this.

Because they just wanted to buy their weapons and then walk away and not make a long business relationship with Zhang Yi, but if they knew that besides being a blacksmith he was still stronger than the four of them his assessment of him would change.

So the leader of the hunters after realizing this fact began to speak more politely to Zhang Yi.

"That's not it, the problem is that as I said our village is an ally of your village, but that does not mean that we are friends of the hunters in this village, being allies is more a matter of need and confidence than of friendship."

"So although we are allies if we really need help with anything else we would have to ask the hunters a favor and pay later, so we try to avoid the hunters here and buy the weapons in silence so we do not need to owe them one more favor."

After hearing this Zhang Yi finally understood, it was not that they did not respect each other, but rather that they had complicated relationships between them, it was a mistake for him to think that because the villages were small to be allies they had to be friends.

But now Zhang Yi understood more or less how the relationship between the villages was, it was like the relation of the battalions of the army in which he was, although all the soldiers and commanders were on the same side that did not mean that their relation in the day was good.

Zhang Yi remembered a story of two great generals one was younger and one was younger, the younger general was more skillful and so had a higher position and importance than the older general, as well as the older general, had a little envy of the youngest they never spoke.

But once by a wrong order from the superiors these two generals and their armies eventually fell into the trap of the enemy army, so without hesitating in thinking about what was most important for their country the older general led his army to be able to give time to the general more new escape.

This showed that although the two of them quarreled with each other and were not friends, when a common enemy appeared, they came together without any problem, this was the way he understood that the hunters of the villages worked, they had to be united in order not to be target of a stronger enemy even if they did not like each other.

Knowing this Zhang Yi showed the weapons and armor to the hunters in the other village, although they had heard before when they saw the weapons the hunters were impressed, they thought before that the rumor of a blacksmith selling such good cockroaches was false, but it seemed that was true.

Although allied these hunters were from neighboring villages and so had no discounts for them in the price of weapons, so each hunter can only buy one weapon and one armor each for 4 gold in total.

So after the four hunters were able to buy their weapons they became much friendlier and respected a lot more Zhang Yi, after buying all they had to buy the hunters left the same way they arrived.

Zhang Yi knew now that the two villages would be much closer and united from now on after all the four hunters who came today were much stronger and would tell everyone in their villages that because of the discount the village where Zhang Yi was supposed to have much more well-armed people now.

And the fact that only the Allied villages could buy the weapons would have the nearby villages think twice before they decide to attack the village in which Zhang Yi was.

After a few more months, everyone got used to the presence of Zhang Yi in the village, every week many people from other villages would come to spend in their workshop, some to buy weapons and armor and others to buy daily tools like knives and pots.

The allied villages to show their sincerity and show that they were strong allies of the village in which Zhang Yi was beginning to bring a part of the meats they hunted, after all with the new weapons they bought from Zhang Yi the hunt was much easier and safer, so they wanted to show their gratitude.

So in these past months, the hunters from the village of Zhang Yi did not have to go out to hunt and stayed to protect the village, so everyone in the village was even more grateful to Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yi was having the life he always wanted to have an even cultivating was not yet his body needed such a time to stabilize and fully accustom to the great advances made in a short time, only Zhang Yi's base be perfect and not have impurities for not using drugs was difficult to say that so many advances were normal.

But Zhang Yi knew that times of peace cannot last long in a warrior's life after many months have passed and the elves are naive as they were and talking about Zhang Yi to everyone they knew it was impossible for the enemy villages not to know about the new blacksmith.

Although all the small villages were afraid to offend a blacksmith who had a status of respect even in the cities, it was hard to bear the gain, especially as the enemy villages heard clearly that Zhang Yi would not sell arms and armor to enemy villages.

Although the reason for this was obvious to protect people who were from the same village as he, for the leaders of the enemy villages put them in a difficult position, after a few months had passed it was evident for all to see that the villages in which the Hunters bought the weapons and armor were having a really good time.

After all, every weapon Zhang Yi sold for a low price was considered a treasure to each hunter if compared to the weapons they had before, so the overall strength of each of them increased greatly so it was normal that hunting was now much easier and safe

Another reason Zhang Yi did not care to sell his cheap weapons to these hunters was that he knew that these people were not greedy and so would not use the fact that his strength increased greatly to start wars and conquer the land, these hunters wanted only to survive.

But these leaders of the strongest villages did not think this way, they thought that if their strength increased they could conquer more villages and even form a city one day, in addition, these leaders thought of the money they could do if they had several of these weapons and sold for the price that really was worth.

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So driven by the gain one of the leaders who was a warrior who was at the peak of the realm Xiantian decided to see if he could attack this village of Zhang Yi.

The name of this leader was Dalyor Waesthyra, Dalyor was the leader if one of the five larger villages beside the great city, in the society of the dark elves could only form a city a warrior that surpassed the Xiantian realm and came to realm core creation.

To form a large village and have a leader like Dalyor and the other 4 who were allies to defend themselves from a possible attack of the city had some restrictions, a large village had to have at least 5 Xiantian realm warriors, this seemed easy by the large time the elves lived, but it was not really that way.

A village to be able to grow and stay safe had to have at least 1 Xiantian realm warrior; otherwise, no one would live in it for fear of being killed, and although hunters would not often be greedy, many after reaching the realm Xiantian having hundreds of years did not want to continue living below anyone and thus they created their own village.

Who created this belief and favored it was the city that did not want to see the five large villages become stronger, so it was difficult for a new large village to be formed, sometimes these 5 large villages that did not accept the situation tried to subjugate a smaller village by declaring war with her.

So the small villages like Zhang Yi were doing allies so that they could defend themselves from these five large villages, Dalyor did not want to have a war with Zhang Yi if it were possible because he feared retaliation of the city.

So first he ordered five of the Houtian realm hunters and a Xiantian realm hunter from his village to go to Zhang Yi village and try to buy a weapon.

Dalyor sent this force because it was almost the same as the village of Zhang Yi, so even if they failed and were discovered they could still leave quietly, at the same time he ordered 2 Xiantian realm warriors from his village to kill and steal one of these weapons from an allied village to see if the weapon was really strong like that.

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