43 The Other Side 7

And a few weeks passed thus with Zhang Yi feeling what was tranquility and without cultivating too, he could finally feel after hundreds of years of life what was a normal routine without cultivation.

Probably just he was not feeling bored with it, after all, it was a new thing for him, now he just spent his time thinking about new things that he could create to sell in his store.

Another thing he found interesting was the fact that people from other villages still did not know about his products, as he did not necessarily need money no matter how much he did not know.

After a few days, the hunters who had been hunting for a long time had finally arrived, this was a happy time for everyone in the village, especially the families and friends of the hunters, it was a good thing that no one had died on this trip.

Now the village market could be replenished with food after the meat was processed to last longer, the hunters seemed to have gotten some fruit, which was rare.

After a few days that the hunters arrived and rested a little in their homes the hunter who had talked more with Zhang Yi came to tell the news that had a new person in the village, this person knew how to make weapons and also should be above the Xiantian realm.

The hunter who was the strongest by being in the Xiantian realm was regarded as almost a village leader, but as if the other hunters joined could beat him, this hunter could not make all the decisions without consulting others as was done by the leaders of other villages.

When he discovered that another person from the realm Xiantian had entered the village he had become angry because he knew that he would lose his authority more and more, but when he learned that this new person was also a blacksmith he forgot his idea of ​​being angry.

Not to mention how these people could help the village just to be in it, even more, it had a status that no hunter would dare to disrespect not to risk having his village destroyed by the people of the city.

Until when they learned that this blacksmith was selling weapons to all the hunters and villagers of the high rank and with a very low price everyone rushed there.

Everyone went there and bought a set each as did the first hunter, the realm hunter Xiantian was the last to get there, when he looked at Zhang Yi and can not see what his realm of cultivation he felt scared, even though he could not see the real strength of Zhang Yi he could deduce from his experience that this person was stronger than him.

As he saw all the weapons were of the same quality, seeing that the hunter was sure that Zhang Yi should be able to make weapons rank higher than this, but he did not dare to ask if Zhang Yi had or would sell because even if it was sold no would be with no discount and the price would be astronomical.

Zhang Yi thought the same thing as this hunter, he could certainly create weapons of a higher rank than these, but to do so would be like painting a target without his back, even if there were no people in that village who could kill him or force him to create the weapons they wanted.

He had no doubt that these people existed on this side of the world, perhaps these people would force him to nothing if he only created the weapons of such a low rank, but if they knew he could create stronger weapons than this one he was sure would be hunted.

So he would never admit to anyone that he could create weapons of rank higher than this for anyone in this world, as to the status that the city or the greatest forces of this world guarantee he was sure that this was like a trap so that all the smiths of this world approach these people.

Then the most dangerous place would be near the city where these people lived.

As the hunt was quite productive this time the hunters would stay for much longer this time in the village, so for a time, the whole village was in a lively mood until after it returned to normal.

Who appeared after a few days that the hunters arrived were some elves from a nearby village, this village was, of course, a village allied with this village, so these elves met with their friends and soon discovered that they had a new blacksmith in that village and that this blacksmith could also create weapons and sell cheap.

Zhang Yi naturally who always had his mental energy spread over the whole village soon knew that they had visitors from other villages when he saw that the elves spoke easily about him to the elves of other villages he just had to accept that these elves were very naive.

When he realized that he had no elves from another village appearing from other villages to buy his products he deduced that the elves were intelligent and did not want to fix problems for his own village, because as Zhang Yi said he would not sell weapons to enemy villages it was because he knew that someday someone from an enemy village would appear.

When the 10 hunter elves and more people protecting the village received the new weapons and armor their general strength went to another level, these elves from their village could not know the difference for never having used, but Zhang Yi knew well.

A difference of two ranks in a weapon was with a difference of 3 realms in a fight, not to mention that if one of the weapons made by Zhang Yi even if rank low collide with a normal weapon as was used by the first hunter he met, the weaker weapon would not only lose more, it would also break.

And in a fight, it was obvious what would happen when someone with a weapon faced somebody unarmed, of course, the result could be different if it were a warrior like Zhang Yi who also trained the corporal refinement that made his whole body in armor and a weapon.

So in a few years, the difference in having Zhang Yi's weapon and not having it was the same as the difference between victory and defeat, so the ideal was that the elves of that village tried to hide the fact that Zhang Yi existed, so he thought these elves were naive.

The other day, these elves came to Zhang Yi's workshop and wanted to buy some knives and pots and tried to ask about the weapons, Zhang Yi soon spoke only the price without a discount, so these elves realized that he already knew they were from another village.

Then Zhang Yi recalled again this time with a more severe tone that people could only buy their weapons for their own use and not for other people, so they could not give, lend or even sell these weapons.

So if people from other villages wanted to buy their weapons they would have to come to their workshop in person to buy their weapons and armor.

Of course, if Zhang Yi designed to give this warning was because he had the ability to apply punishment if his rules were broken even if they were people from other villages.

So a few more days went by quietly and soon some elven hunters came to the village where Zhang Yi was, but these people showed no respect and first went to warn the hunters from that village who had come to visit and went directly to Zhang's shop Yi.

They were 4 hunters all from the Houtian realm, when they entered the store they looked around curious and 1 looked like the leader of the group approached Zhang Yi.

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"I hear that you sell weapons here and that these weapons are of the highest quality?"

Unlike the hunters in his village, these outsiders were arrogant, although Zhang Yi did not like being called lord at least he liked to be treated with respect, especially when he was doing someone a favor, as was the case with selling the cheaper weapons.

"Depending on who wants to buy, I can sell."

"Do you have to choose who to buy your weapons as well? I thought you charged for it."

"Of course I choose to whom I want to sell, the price I charge is practically giving the weapons, its I'll give a weapon of mine I can choose for whom I give."

"I already came to your village because I heard that you only sell the weapons to the person who will use this already shows that I respect you, now I would like to see the weapons."

"I disagree with that, you come here is my minimum requirement and I do not respect you otherwise you could not even use my weapons, but I will not care about that, are you from a village allied with that?"

"Yes, we are."

"I thought that since you were allies of the people in this village, the least they could do was greet the hunters here before coming to my store and not going around like they were hiding."

Zhang Yi had already confirmed that this hunter's response was true, but even so, he was curious why if they were allies they would not greet people here before coming to their store, after all, they would be coming here to buy weapons and strengthen, so it was good to show goodwill to his allies.

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