42 The Other Side 6

All the elves were impressed and even began to have more respect for Zhang Yi, of course, there were people who knew how to create weapons and create pills to help cultivate, but it was very rare to find, especially among the dark elves, and the elves who knew how to do it could achieve great prestige even in the major cities.

So the fact that Zhang Yi was one of those people made any suspicion that he was wanting something in his village, after all an important person so he would not waste his time going as a spy to a small village that had nothing.

Just as Zhang Yi learned everything he knew from a jade left by his master, this was the knowledge of a divine plan specialist, so even the worst swords and bows he could create with the simplest materials became rank weapons rank what was 2 ranks above the weapons they all wore.

He was really helpless in that if he tried to create weapons of lower rank they would be destroyed, this was normal after all his knowledge was very high and he used the flame essence of the phoenix and mental energy of the third realm to forge the weapon.

The starting point was too high, so any weapon he created was a treasure to the elves, so the hunter who knew this was running to Zhang Yi's workshop, but this time he went there humbly and no longer trying to appear to be superior.

"Hello Mr. Zhang, I'd like to ask to be able at least to look at the incredible weapons I heard you make."

Zhang Yi found this strange, he was about 15 years old now had someone else calling him, of course, this was normal because the hunter knew that Zhang Yi was stronger than him and besides, he was a person who could create weapons that had an authority near the leaders of every city here in this world.

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For warriors it was no shame to call someone younger than you sir if people were stronger or more qualified in some way, it was a simple way to show respect.

"You do not have to call me sir, and these weapons are no big deal, they're here to be sold and not to be appreciated."

"Do you want to sell these weapons? But it is impossible for you to find people who can pay for them in small towns like this, it would be better if you sold them in the city. "

"I'll admit the prices are a bit expensive, but I'm going to give a 25% discount to the people in this village and 25% more to the hunters so people in this village can buy."

The hunter was wondering what half of the discount would make a difference in the price of a treasure like that, but seeing the sincerity in what Zhang Yi was saying he did not dare say that, he would lose a lot in giving half the rebate value.

"Then how much would a sword like that Mr. Zhang come out of?"

"This sword costs 2 golds and for the people of the village 1 gold."

In this world there were only silver and gold coins, so food was bought only in large quantities or exchanged for other services, so a gold coin here was equivalent to 100 silver coins, but analyzing the value of things in the market and amount of money circulating in the city he saw that 2 gold coins was a fair price.

Of course if he tried to sell such a weapon in his world he could get even 1,000 gold or a few dozen low-level spiritual stones, but as the materials he used were all low-level and easily found, moreover, he wanted that the hunters of the village had better weapons to be able to use it sold cheaply.

When the hunter heard the price he was shocked, he even found that he had gone crazy and badly heard, or that Zhang Yi had gone crazy, even the broken bow he wore had cost more than 2 gold, and was more than 2 ranks below of that sword, not to mention that he gave a discount of half the value to the hunters.

But then the hunter realized that it was no joke and deduced that as Zhang Yi does not need the money he just sold the weapons cheaply, and so he cheered up, he had 6 gold after saving for so many years, so he could buy more than one thing.

"No you are wrong, these weapons are very cheap sir, it is practically given to people, mainly by the quality of the weapons."

So after getting excited for some time the hunter suddenly thought of something and then asked.

"Sir, is there any condition for a person to be able to buy something or restraint?"

Zhang Yi thought for a while and realized that really should put some restrictions on these weapons.

"There are indeed some, in every weapon I have put a mark that will forever remain on it, the restrictions are that all people can only buy a weapon and armor of each type only once, and can not be given, borrowed or sold to other people, moreover, the enemies of this village can not afford to arm here."

So the hunter understood and felt grateful, really these restrictions were only to protect the village and business of Zhang Yi, if a people could buy a weapon here for 1 gold and then sell in town for 100 gold would not be fair with he.

So the hunter bought an armor, a bow, and a sword and paid 3 gold, then the hunter who was already in the realm Houtian felt he could use his strength and his qi much better to fight from now on.

After this hunter 3 more hunters came and also bought the same things, so everyone who needed to fight to live in that village had increased their strength improving their weapons, had 6 more hunters in this village, but they were hunting now and so only the 4 became to protect the village.

Then in a few more days some people came to the workshop to buy a sword and armor, since they were not hunters paid a little more expensive, but they were still discounted because they were from the village, these elves were the ones who always paid attention to when the village was attacked and also were in Houtian realm.

Although it seems a lot to a small village, these people were hundreds of years old and so it is normal that after living so long these people could reach this realm, the hunter leader was already in the Xiantian realm, of course, no one could threaten Zhang Yi.

The other village elves did not need weapons if it were not time to fight and even if they had money they did not have to buy, even so Zhang Yi was already the richest elf in the whole village, yet he did not go much until the market already that he had everything in his mental space.

Some elves went to his house sometimes, sometimes Zhang Yi also made some different dishes or even bread and took them to these elves to thank the kindness.

This was the kind of life that Zhang Yi always wanted, he could feel that some kind of weight was fading from his martial heart, the longer he relaxed, even though this world was in danger was not something that would happen in less than a few hundred years so he was not in a hurry.

After a few days he tried very hard to create some iron tools that people could use in their homes, so he made some pots and knives, it was harder after he got a greater understanding of the fire element after both use the essence of the phoenix flame it can make a normal fire and create these simple tools.

After making the knives and pots he went and gave as a gift to the elves that would visit him sometimes, the elves liked the gift very much but liked less when they knew that it would be sold later in the workshop.

Of course, although Zhang Yi had never been in a relationship, he understood what was going on with these elves, yet he did not have much to know about romance, so it was hard to expect any initiative from him that now had almost no strong emotions he could show.

So if Zhang Yi had to have a novel would be just natural and not forced, so he did not mean to deny the visit of the elves, but also would not take the initiative in this case.

All the village elves were very fond of the new tools that were sold in the workshop, and they were not expensive too, costing 5 to 10 silver coins, so all the village elves had to pass at least once in Zhang Yi's workshop.

The only thing he felt bad was that since nothing was planted in this village, many agricultural tools could not be made or sold and that was what made a blacksmith busier, as the quality of the things he did were good, all things would last 3 to 10 years after being bought.

So after a few days with lots of sales again no one would visit his workshop.

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