41 The Other Side 5

As soon as he received the permission of the hunter, Zhang Yi went outside the village to look for a good place to build his house, in addition to building each he also intended to build a small workshop and use his skills to refine some simple spades and spears.

Despite leaving many behind in the time he hunted thousands of beasts in the four levels of the test he passed Zhang Yi had acquired many bones and leathers from the beasts in addition to some materials such as metal and wood that were scattered throughout the world.

In addition, he had also harvested some medicinal plants which although not very useful to him were still very useful to the outside warriors who needed the help of pills and medicinal plants to improve their speed of cultivation and even overcome bottlenecks.

When he started building his house it was late at night and many elves were sleeping, the only method these elves knew to build their houses was through Elemental manipulation, Zhang Yi knew dozens of other ways to build his house.

But because he did not want to draw too much attention and the house had to be similar to one of the others he also had to use elemental techniques, the problem was that unlike the elves the humans did not have as much ability in the control of the elements.

Zhang Yi could already control the fire element and the water element for a long time because it had the treasures to help, in fact, any cultivator would still say that it was more important to have a great Elemental affinity than to have treasures such as the essence of the phoenix flame or blue turtle jewel.

Talented warriors like Zhang Yi was that they could reach very high realms in the future and be very strong could get to use the maximum of their Elemental affinity in the beginning as cultivation and understanding about the laws of the world are low the warrior can not use well its elements.

But after passing from the Xiantian realm where laws can be understood and in realm more powerful, the natural element of the cultivator would be the greatest weapon he could have and rely on fights, such as a celestial tribulation, now his essence of the phoenix flame could even to absorb the tribulation with the laws of fire.

But when Zhang Yi was to face the realm of mortal tribulation it would be impossible for the essence of the phoenix flame to even defend Zhang Yi much from the tribulation, but his elements of earth and metal could at that moment even absorb the tribulations.

Because someone with a talent like that of the elves can sometimes use the laws to face opponents with two or more higher realms and still be able to fight and survive, since treasures will always be limited to a realm and their uses are also limited.

Now when Zhang Yi used the essence of the phoenix flame that was a realm stronger than his cultivation, he had to choose whether to use it to attack or to defend himself so the power is divided, if it was his innate elements this was not necessary.

As Zhang Yi was close to the Xiantian realm and already had begun to understand the laws although still not able to use them he could easily make a home, as he had already made hundreds of houses in his mind with the mental energy the whole structure of several houses were already engraved in his mind.

So in a few minutes, he can use his good insight and create a large 4-bedroom, 2-story house plus a bathroom-like room and a kitchen, and he even made a beautiful workshop that was right next to his house and even had an entrance through the house.

In addition, he created a basement where he used his mental energy to hide the existence of the basement where he would pretend to keep the materials if anyone tried to steal, so he would hide the existence of his mental space that was where he really kept everything.

He used the elements earth, water and fire to be able to create and reinforce this house, that in itself was incredible even for the elves, so he still can not leave the house the way he wanted it because he still could not use the wood element well.

When the inhabitants of the village woke up in the morning they were surprised by the great house that had arisen during the night without them knowing and in silence too, just as Zhang Yi waited the villagers went to ask the hunter who had also been impressed by the beauty of the house and the speed at which it was created.

The hunter already had some doubts about the strength of Zhang Yi because he could not feel the cultivation of it, and in that desert it was impossible that there was anyone who had no strength, now that the warrior can see Zhang Yi creating the very large and beautiful house in a short time and in silence he began to imagine that Zhang Yi was already above the Xiantian realm.

So the hunter explained that the new house belonged to Zhang Yi and that he had requested authorization ahead of time, so the villagers who already had a good impression of Zhang Yi thanks to his mental energy, now did not consider him a stranger anymore and also admired your strength.

This was all a mistake married by Zhang Yi, although the elves had a great talent for using the elements and could use the 5 basic elements from very low cultivation, in fact, they could use the elements of only basic form to drink water and light a bonfire.

And although the elves were very talented with elements they also had a restraint, the innate element of the elf that was the strongest used by them were mostly only 1 or 2, so they all now thought that Zhang Yi besides powerful could use more than 3 elements.

Moreover, another mistake he made was that although the elves had to build their own houses, it took them a few weeks and they asked for help from other elves in exchange for food or other favors, so what he did was unusual.

But this served for all the elves to respect and like him better, after all, if Zhang Yi really had a strength as he has, it was not necessary for him to answer anyone or ask permission to build a house in the village, after all, no one there would have the force to go against it.

And that was exactly what was happening, Zhang Yi had the strength to dominate this side of the world if he wanted to but as he wanted to just seek the natural treasure in peace and do his best to help the elves as a favor to the voice , moreover, he wanted if it were possible to try to live a normal life for a while.

After a while, some elves took courage and went to the new home of Zhang Yi.

"Hi, fine, I saw that you built your new house here very beautiful, so I brought you a welcome gift."

The elf brought a homemade bread made by her, although it seemed little Zhang Yi knew that all the elves here lived a hard life and did not have much to share, but as it was a gift he could not refuse and accepted.

"Thanks for the visit and for the bread, it seems to be very delicious, the house is almost ready, but it still is not the way I wanted it to be."

"Are not you ready? Even though she was so big and already so beautiful?"

"It's a little shameful for me to admit, but I'm not very good at controlling the wood element and so there are some parts of the house that I could not do."

The elf even staggered when she heard what Zhang Yi said, it is rare for an elf to control more than one element and Zhang Yi already controlled 3 and was embarrassed for not being able to control 1 more, if others heard that they could have beaten him, and the worst was that and The elf saw that Zhang Yi was really sad that he could not control another element and was not lying.

"I can find some elf in the village who can control the wood element well to help you."

"I'd really appreciate it if you could do that for me."

So the elf said that Zhang Yi needed help and spread to more people he handled her very well, so everyone already considered him as part of the village, then 2 elves who had innate wooden elements came to help, so he solved the last details like the roof and the doors and thus all found his house more cool and original.

In fact, the elves either did no or made the roof of clay, the reason was that in that part of the desert had no seasons and no rain, even if it had as the materials used was nature itself could be remade easily.

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Finally, after a few days, Zhang Yi opened his workshop and began selling some simple swords and bows, this was another major change in a short time to the small village.

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