40 The Other Side 4

After walking a few hundred kilometers without feeling any form of life in this seemingly endless wilderness, Zhang Yi noticed something interesting, that this desert, besides not having been formed normally it was obvious that there was still another problem.

A desert, even if not formed naturally, has some forms of life that over time become accustomed to this difficult environment, this is more true for the wild beasts, as animals that undergo mutations by learning to strengthen themselves with the spiritual energy the Beasts have tremendous abilities to adapt to new places.

So at least some beasts were to be found in this place, but after walking for a while in this place Zhang Yi discovered the cause of this, besides that place did not have much life, also did not have much spiritual energy in the environment and thus also did not have the laws of fire that normally exist in a desert.

So he had more evidence that this place had many problems, laws were something created naturally by the heavens and the earth, only a very powerful expert could wield so much power that it would be able to change the way laws behave in one place.

More was obvious from what was said by the voice that in this place it was impossible to have a powerful expert, and Zhang Yi himself could confirm this, after all with this spiritual energy so thin in the environment, at least in this desert if one could reach the Xiantian realm was a genius in all life.

Zhang Yi continued walking for a few days without using his spiritual energy and just relying on his natural speed, after all, it would be difficult to recover his spiritual energy in this desert, yet his normal speed was already enormous and he walked for a few thousand kilometers.

At this point even Zhang Yi was surprised, it seemed that it was true that this world was really great, in addition, this desert was also very large, were it not for the voice to have said so surely he could be sure that the elves were already dead in this place without life.

But after walking for so long their mental energy can finally detect traces of life, and they were human life forms and not beasts, though the beasts did not want to live in that place with so few laws people could.

So Zhang Yi approached to see who it was, when he walked for a while longer he could finally see that it was like a small village a little bigger than the first village formed by his mental energy, and in that village, he could see that there were some humans with darker skin.

After looking better he could see that they were elves, dark elves still on top, these elves were not much different from humans, the only most striking difference being that they were tall and handsome and their ears pointed.

Of course Zhang Yi was already prepared for this and then used a basic technique passed on to him by his master in that he could use his mental energy and thus change the way people could see his appearance, this technique even worked against people who had 3 realms greater than his that did not exist in this world.

Even so he still did not rush to go to the village and kept watching, the elves did not have smiles on their faces and all looked like people who had had much suffering in life, Zhang Yi can see some rabbits that he could see on level 1 , it seemed that this was the only food of these elves.

As these elves were all at least in the realm of body refinement they did not necessarily need nutrients brought by food and just eat anything to survive, but in that desert, it was impossible to find any fruit or vegetables to eat.

The houses seemed to be made of earth mixed with water and it seemed that some people used the most basic elements to drink water or eat, so it already showed the elves' ability to manipulate the elements so soon.

After observing for a while he saw that the elves spoke another language as he hoped so he used his powerful mental energy to analyze all the sounds and in a short time he understood the language so he also saw that the elves used only a few swords, old women.

So he saw the way the elves normally came in and out of the village, then changed into a sort of Elven-like cloak and then put on a thin black cloak just to hide his appearance, so he placed a leather bag on his back and He moved to the entrance.

After he entered the village with the cloak covering his face he realized that many people around him began to pay attention to him, it was exactly what he wanted, after all, if someone appeared from nothing they could not even mingle with the people who lived in the village normally.

But if he tried to look suspicious to get attention and after people knew he was not dangerous they would approach him naturally, because he would not be a stranger to get noticed and everyone would know where he came from.

There was a place in this village that seemed to be the only place people could get together and could buy something in the whole village, it looked something like a market, after looking around a bit Zhang Yi can confirm their suspicions that people of this can not buy weapons normally.

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After walking the market for some time he ordered a drink and so sat down, after staying there for a while the drink he asked for arrived just like a man wearing a leather armor that had a few holes and an old bow in the back, even so, Zhang Yi noticed that other elves looked at him with envy and admiration.

"I saw you come out here today, would you mind telling me where you came from and why?"

"I came from a village that is a little distance from here where I had problems with one of the hunters there, he tried to kill me and could not, just as I knew the people of the people would support the hunter instead of me and that he would come back to try to kill me the other day I decided to quit."

"And where was this village, this hunter would not try to come after you?"

"I'd rather not talk about where the village was, and our fight was not so important for him to come after me, he must have tried to kill me because it was the easiest way for him and he must have thought I would not leave another way."

Zhang Yi was talking to the hunter plus the people around were listening to the conversation, while he spoke he was also sending little waves of mental energy in his voice to anyone who heard it tended to believe and have more confidence in who spoke.

So even though the hunter was still asking questions by custom he already believed that Zhang Yi was a good person, and if Zhang Yi did not give an absurd or wrong answer everything would be fine, of course, this was not hypnosis then it only served as a suggestion if he did something that people did not like they would get rid of their mental energy easily.

But that was not a good idea for Zhang Yi, he could use his mental energy to change the mind of the other elves and even brainwash him, but he would have to continue to use his mental energy always and when he started using mental energy the elves would wake up and realize what he did to them.

This was something to be done only in the last case, after all, he wanted to save the elves and have a normal life for a while and not kill all the elves and spend time in this world running away.

After a while the warrior was satisfied and so just let Zhang Yi drink in peace and left, the other elves were also gone, but now the warrior and the elves who were here had a good impression of him, especially after he took the cover and stopped hiding.

Of course, what everyone was seeing was what he wanted them to see and not their true appearance unless someone could look at him from outside the influence of his mental energy that was 1 kilometer would not know it was a disguise.

And even Zhang Yi who had his cultivation of qi and mental energy near the realm Xiantian could not see a face more than 300 meters the more the elves, so he just walked around the village and bought his meals at the market and did not need to sleep and just walked.

After a few days he looked for the hunter again and asked if he could make a house near the village, the hunter accepted as it was Zhang Yi himself who would make the house and the land had no owner there were no problems.

In addition, the fact that Zhang Yi requested permission to build his house in the hunter's view was evidence that Zhang Yi respected the order and would do nothing wrong, the hunter was right, mainly because Zhang Yi was hundreds of years defending his country of invaders, he knew how difficult this was.

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