39 The Other Side 3

[So I can say for sure that if even someone like you who can do all this and can even go through a heavenly tribulation and have so many treasures can not carry out my request no one can.]

[As I said to you before, there are three treasures in this world, I said I would say where the third was after you found the second, well I have two requests you can make.]

[Of course, for me, any of the two you can accomplish would be enough for me, you do not have to do both, the first is that you find the third of the natural treasures that have been destroying the natural order of how this world was created. ]

[If you can take this treasure and get it for you, it would give the order of this world back to normal after a few years, and so after a few hundred or thousands of years someone on the other side could come to that side and thus reestablish the natural order of things.]

[And the other thing you could do was to bring with you some people on the other side and so in a few thousand years the other side of the world would be destroyed and all the people on the other side would die, but those people that you take with you could recreate the clan on the other side.]

In fact, it was always just a request that the voice had for Zhang Yi, that he could get the natural treasure that was destroying the world on the other side and so after he took the treasure with him the other side could be saved and return to normal.

But besides knowing that there were still people alive and that the world on the other side was almost destroyed the voice did not know anything else and would not have to help Zhang Yi on that side, in addition, the voice knew that the other side of this world hope was a very vast place.

So she did not know how many years it would take for Zhang Yi to find this treasure, he could give up until then, so she gave another option which in her view would be easy for Zhang Yi to do, he could bring 4 people or more on the other side since he was free to leave whenever he wanted and he did not have to make the judgment.

So if these people he brought could or could not rebuild the clan was with fate, so everyone would not be lost without being able to do anything.

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Zhang Yi just nodded after hearing the voice requests, he did not think it was too hard, in fact, he even hoped it was something much more difficult than killing a strong beast that was some realms bigger than him.

After all, there were divine beasts like the phoenix here before, so it would not be surprising if a monster like that on the other side came along.

But if it were only to find another treasure as the essence of the phoenix flame or as the blue turtle's jewel he would have no problems, the voice did not know, but even if those treasures that Zhang Yi found had come from a divine beast he had the means of destroying them.

If he used the cauldron his master gave him, Zhang Yi could eliminate these treasures with some difficulty, so in addition to being killed by the pressure of the reaction to absorb the treasure, he was not afraid of anything else.

And Zhang Yi was in no hurry to go back to his sect, so he did not mind spending a few years on this other side while looking for the treasure, so he could take advantage to understand a few more layers of cultivation above his when he needed.

Zhang Yi could also spend a little more time understanding the elemental laws for when to get to the Xiantian realm, as to the other request instead of easier was more complicated for Zhang Yi.

After all now he did not know what kinds of people would be on the other side, he would not bring anyone to the world he lived in addition, as he had already said before, Zhang Yi was a man of words and responsibilities, there was like him just bring some people on the other side and then abandon them after bringing them.

So for him, the first order was the easiest, and according to the voice the people on the other side did not have a very high cultivation realm, knowing this he could say that the strongest person should be one of the realm core revolutions that was an in which he could have the confidence to defend himself.

So he could move freely there in a few years if there were many people there he could even have his normal life for a time as he always wanted.

[As I said before this world was a paradise, the specialists who created this place were very powerful, but this place was almost exterminated, one of the reasons that the people who lived here had been persecuted was that they were not normal people more of a race so it was important to ensure that they were not exterminated.]

[The people on the other side are of the Elven race, so everyone has a striking beauty and talents to manipulate the elements and the very great laws they were very powerful, but because some ancestor of that race was very proud he did not want no one of that race would join humans.]

[In addition, this ancestor not only did not want elves to join humans as he also thought elves were of a race superior to the human race, human specialists naturally did not like that and added to their gain to want the treasures of the lands of the elves and more the fear of the talents of the elves made that they were united and tried to eliminate that race.]

[Of course, now you do not have to worry about anything else, to protect the elves themselves the specialists who created this world killed this ancestor who started with all this and erased many things about the history of the elves, so they have nothing more against the elves. humans.]

So Zhang Yi understood a little because his voice made such a secret and waited until he was sure that Zhang Yi would go to the other side to tell him about the elves, after all the voice was afraid he could go out and tell the outsiders that secret, what she did not know was that Zhang Yi was not even from this world and would just be interested in seeing a new breed.

Moreover, with his divine talents, Zhang Yi did not have to fear or be envious of the elves who only had more talents in understanding the laws, and although he knew that elves were a race that could initially live longer than humans were without meaning to speak about it to a cultivator who fights against the heavens and seeks immortality.

If he was envious of the elves, it would be the same as the poor being envious of the rich, so the poor if they have the talent and the effort they can get rich one day as many have already done so.

So after a time as Zhang Yi was already prepared the voice-activated a system that created a kind of tunnel, so he entered the tunnel and felt that he was going through something like a teleportation transmission, he could even feel a weak law of the space.

It seems that as the voice had said before would not be easy for him to enter this world without the help of the voice, this shows how much fear the people who created it had his race be exterminated, Zhang Yi instinctively knew with his talent that despite this seem simple as was done by many ancestors of the race who were very powerful at the turn of their lives that this was not as simple as it seemed.

When he finally arrived at this other side of the world hope that the voice had spoken, Zhang Yi was very surprised at what he saw, it was a huge desert that seemed to have seen no water or life for thousands of years, it did not look like this paradise that the voice had spoken to him that was before.

But after seeing this desert for a while he finally understood, it was not that the voice had lied to him about this place is a paradise, but as she herself said the voice could not have any more information on this side of the world, this it means that for some reason, this place that was a paradise became a desert in a few thousand years.

Zhang Yi was not too worried about this world is a desert, he had already prepared for everything before, as a warrior who might have to go through anything, Zhang Yi who had the privilege of having an object to store things with a huge space to store, stored their thousands of pounds of food and thousands of gallons of water, plus of course fasting pills.

Even if he stayed in this desert for a hundred years he would not have the danger of starving or giving in, it was good also that this desert had no way of life, so he knew that he had no monsters and that also certainly not would be the place of the treasure, so much of the places that he had to look for diminished with this desert.

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