38 The Other Side 2

The other day after resting well and soothe his mentality Zhang Yi prepared to kill the two last beasts and finally be able to clear the fourth level and be free, after that he would no longer need the seal and could reach the intermediary layer in Houtian realm with the last baptism.

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He walked quickly and soon found two beasts that seemed to be fighting against each other, one of the beasts had the attribute fire and the other had the attribute water and the two that already seemed to be fighting long ago were with some injuries lighter and almost without qi.

It was not that the beasts were very relaxed despite having an enemy like Zhang Yi, but as this world was very large and at that level he was only a short time ago and had only killed few beasts, no beast should have known that he had an enemy hunting them.

Thus taking advantage of this good opportunity Zhang Yi just invaded with his spear and began to attack with his aura in the two beasts and also using his technique Martial Rain of Feathers.

The two beasts that were already tired and were caught by surprise did not know how to fight together and ended up dying quickly.

So Zhang Yi returned to his room and waited to receive the baptism.

[What happened? Did you give up helping me and decided to just clear the fourth level and walk away? I knew I could not trust other people.]

Zhang Yi was a bit shocked and did not understand the reason for the anger of the voice, he had fulfilled everything the voice had requested, he found the treasure of the fourth floor and killed the 10 beasts being below the middle layer of qi cultivation.

"I do not know what you mean, I've done everything you've asked me to do so far, I just need to get my baptism to be able to do what you need me to do."

[What are you talking about? Do not tell me you forgot you had to get the treasure on the fourth floor before cleaning the floor?

"I do not know what you're talking about, I already got the treasure from the fourth floor and now I've done everything I needed to do."

[Wait, you said you already got the treasure? This is impossible for less than half a month that you are on the fourth floor and you tell me that you have already caught it without me knowing.]

"Yes I've got you can investigate if you want to know, there must be more spiritual energy in the fourth level circulating now, so you can give me the baptism now."

Zhang Yi did not like to not believe his word, if he really was to give up on realizing the desire of the voice he would just say would not just clean the fourth floor by saying nothing, so he was much less willingly to the voice, if not Had he already promised before he would just leave.

So after a while, the voice managed to verify that what Zhang Yi had said was true, he really had already grabbed the treasure, as she accused him wrongly had no way to apologize now.

[I apologize for my wrong judgment of before.]

"I do not need your false excuses, I had already realized that you never really trusted me, but as I had already promised I will do what you asked me because I keep my word, now give me my baptism and then Tell me what I need to do."

The voice realized that Zhang Yi lost all goodwill he had with her but as he was still going to do what she needed the voice did not care how Zhang Yi had said the voice never really trusted him and waited until he had died until now.

Soon after the last baptism began, the pure spiritual energy filled the whole room, it was so much energy that it was difficult to even breathe, and it seems that not all energy had entered the room and a little was left hoping that Zhang Yi could absorb.

Soon the body of Zhang Yi had two small tornadoes of spiritual energy, one on his Dantian and the other on his forehead, now with the blue turtle's jewel the speed he could absorb and turn the mental energy was only a little lower than that of the that his body could transform into qi.

As it had already removed the seal before, the energy was quickly transformed into qi and entered into its meridians and Dantian, after a short time its cultivation was entering the supreme layer of qi, it was very energy and its cultivation was already at the peak of the layer starting earlier.

Along with this Zhang Yi could feel that the dragon's blood was melting even deeper into his body, unlike the blood of the Phoenix and the blood of the tortoise that were in small quantity and had already been absorbed by Zhang Yi's body.

The blood of the dragon was transformed into the lineage of Zhang Yi, so it was more time consuming than the others that were in less quantity, but now Zhang Yi felt that when he reached the Xiantian realm the blood of the dragon would be his blood and he could be called after half-dragon.

In the future when the cultivation of Zhang Yi was greater, he could even turn into a dragon for a fight, this was what the master of Zhang Yi expected, not to mention that the dragons were heavenly beasts loved by the heavens, so he would have fewer chances of dying in heavenly tribulations.

And also because the dragons were a species that was destined to become gods, Zhang Yi with his lineage would not have any bottlenecks in his cultivation, this was all very good but everything was the same as before for Zhang Yi.

With his cultivation and base being always stable beyond his talent and perception Zhang Yi never had a bottleneck, and with the treasures that absorbed the most laws he was beginning to understand, Zhang Yi was no longer afraid of dying in the celestial tribulation.

It was a fact only that he would always have to cultivate a time always so that his bodily refinement was higher than his cultivation of qi in force, so he would have extra security.

In addition, his cultivation of mental energy also increased and reached the peak layer, after that it lacked little to reach the fourth realm with his mental energy, so the fourth baptism ended, for the first time his understanding held his increase in mental energy.

But that was normal, in less than a month his mental energy had increased by almost an entire realm, so he had no way of his genius to have enough time to have understood the mysteries of more than one realm.

For all kinds of cultivation, especially for mental energy where the goal is to challenge the heavens and reach the Dao at the end of the path, it is not difficult to discover and unravel the mysteries of the sky that is necessary for each layer of cultivation, that Zhang Yi would never have a bottleneck that meant he would not be stuck in a realm for long.

If what was necessary for a genius was only cultivation, then surely before 10 years passed a genius could reach the divine realm on the divine plane where what else they had were resources.

But, of course, this was impossible normally, especially after the fourth realm for mental energy, where a cultivator was beginning to have to understand the laws to be able to create an atmosphere with a day and a night in their dimension of mental energy.

What was truly incredible was that in fact he already knew a few things about the laws so now that his cultivation had risen day and night were almost ready to be created, this was something that stopped the greater geniuses of the divine plan for many years.

Even so, it was good that no spiritual energy from baptism was lost and even his bodily refinement was close to advancing again, this advancement of the various layers because of baptism was proof that what he had done of cultivating his body refinement before by a realm higher than qi was the right choice.

Even now that the heavenly tribulation came now he would have been prepared, and if given more time he could get his body to come to another realm, so after meditating for a few hours and being able to recover from the changes that had been caused by advancing both in his cultivation Zhang Yi was ready to listen to what the voice wanted him to do.

[You really should be the greatest genius I've ever seen, in little more than a year you've reached the peak of the realm of body refinement and now it's near the Xiantian realm, maybe the expert who created this world and this test created thinking and waiting in a genius like you.]

[In addition, you still did more than he hoped and managed to get all the treasures that could change the life of any realm specialist spiritual sea, but even so, those treasures were disrupting the plan of who made this side of the world and even messed up the other side of the world.]

[But maybe all this was meant to be found by you, so a huge talent like yours also has treasures that could turn anyone into a genius.]

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