37 The Other Side 1

After looking at this strange waterfall for a long time Zhang Yi was startled to think he had fallen into a kind of illusion, but after seeing that his qi and his spiritual energy were still flowing normally he realized he was not in an illusion but in the reality.

He had been scared before because with his strong martial heart and his mental energy the enemy would have to have a force of several realms above him to be able to put Zhang Yi into an illusion, but now he no longer knew what to think about this strange situation and unnatural if it were not an illusion.

Zhang Yi was disturbed because he could not use his mental energy to know what was different about this strange waterfall, so he just stood there watched for a while to see if he noticed anything different.

After looking for a while Zhang Yi realized that the source from which all this great amount of spiritual energy came was in a place in the middle of this waterfall, so he realized that there should be a passage in the middle of that waterfall that was not visible because of the curtains of water that fall constantly.

As soon as he discovered the place he had to go, Zhang Yi, did not hesitate and passed through this passage, entering there he is surprised by what he saw, it looked like a cave like the one he had seen before, but this cave looked like an old mine of spiritual stones which was running out for some reason.

After thousands of years, all low-level and almost all intermediate-level spiritual stones had been consumed, there were now intact hundreds of high-level spiritual stones that were more than several times all of Zhang Yi's current wealth.

And among these spiritual stones that covered the walls and the ceiling had something that looked like snakes of water that were connected to each other and connected in the way of this cave and had as a core something deep in that cave, Zhang Yi thought that these snakes of water they looked like veins and the cave a great body with this core the heart.

Zhang Yi still gathered courage and continued to walk through the cave to the bottom of it, after a while walking he was even more impressed by what he saw, it looked like a small lake at the bottom of the cave and in that lake was being formed upon him something who looked like a turtle hulk around a jewel that was the most beautiful thing Zhang Yi had ever seen in his life.

This jewel that looked like a beautiful diamond had a size larger than a fist and a cyan blue color, Zhang Yi realized that this jewel was the center of the illusory form of the tortoise shell and that lake and looked like a treasure without conscience as the essence of the flame of the Phoenix.

Zhang Yi approached this lake but did not dare to tread carelessly in the water, he kept looking around before to make sure there was no visible danger, seeing that there was no danger yet he did not dare to enter the lake.

Although it seemed that he had been daring to try to absorb the essence of the phoenix flame with such low cultivation and unaware of the hazards he did that because he had at least seen something before written about the essence of the phoenix flame in jade of his master

So Zhang Yi can calculate the risks and rewards involved and make the decision to absorb the flame essence of the Phoenix, and although it would have been all right if it were not because of having the dragon blood on his body he would have died by the slack caused by absorbing the essence of the phoenix flame with low cultivation.

But now he did not even know what this jewelry was or what this lake represented, so he may only hesitate a little, but thinking that he might even absorb the essence of the flame of the Phoenix that was something coming from a divine beast had no way the jewelry is stronger than that.

So Zhang Yi entered the lake and was relaxed because nothing strange had happened, then he kept walking the lake toward the jewel.

He reached the side of the jewel that was floating in the air and with his hand went through the carapace of the tortoise formed of water and put his hands on the jewel.

When Zhang Yi put his hands on the blue jewel a gigantic repulsive force formed by pure spiritual energy passed through the body of Zhang Yi and hit the walls around and also threw water from the lake away, then the jewelry seemed to have felt cultivation of Zhang Yi with mental energy and body refinement.

So the jewel loosened from the hands of Zhang Yi and fired in between his eyebrows and entered the city that was being formed in the spiritual energy dimension of Zhang Yi, so when he got there he stayed inside the first house that was formed by Zhang Yi in the first realm and that it was the greatest house and nucleus of his mental energy.

After the jewel stood there in the center of the house she dropped three drops of a blue blood that came out of the dimension of mental energy and merged into Zhang Yi's body as soon as that blood has merged into his body he can feel his whole body being clean and the defense and strength of his body being reinforced.

And his bodily refinement was also strengthened and his cultivation went to the advanced layer of the fourth realm of bodily refinement, after which another wave of pure spiritual energy that was quickly transformed into mental energy came out from within the blue jewel, and his cultivation of mental energy reached the Supreme layer of the third realm of mental energy.

Zhang Yi was surprised when he noticed that his cultivation advanced rapidly, and so he saw that although it was a good thing what had happened if this jewel that entered his body wanted to increase his cultivation too, he would reach the intermediary layer at least and only he could apologize with his voice and be expelled from the world.

After Zhang Yi absorbed the jewel he could discover what it was, it was a core of a beast called a blue turtle, it was a very rare creature that was a mutation of the divine turtle, could also be considered a beast of the same level as the Phoenix and was a beast loved by the elements of water and ice.

As a variant of the divine turtle what else the beasts of this lineage liked to stand out was its defense and stamina, just as Zhang Yi had the strong mental energy and a strong body refinement the jewelry naturally joined her body.

When a divine beast died either naturally or when it is killed unless it is by someone who has cultivation much stronger than it, its core was almost always destroyed as was the case of the phoenix that Zhang Yi had known before.

But in the rare cases where the core was left, the core itself could be considered a natural treasure that did not need to be refined into anything, and that core became a treasure that would help Zhang Yi absorb spiritual energy from the outside and turn it into energy spiritual for him.

With this jewelry, the speed of cultivating the mental energy of Zhang Yi would greatly increase and approach the speed of your cultivation of Qi.

After this unique experience, Zhang Yi gained another element in which he could adapt quickly which was the water, when he came to the Xiantian realm he would be easier to perceive with more easily 6 elements now and 3 others with little more difficult.

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Its natural elements that Zhang Yi still had the understanding reinforced by the blood of the dragon which was the earth element and the metal element, the fire element by the essence of the flame of the Phoenix, the water element by the jewel of the blue tortoise, the element of lightning because of the spear and ice element because of the turtle's jewel.

Besides these 6 elements, he can more easily perceive has the element of wood which he began to learn because of the tribulations, the wind element because of his divine technique and the law of space because of his other technique.

So all Zhang Yi's worries disappeared having received this jewel as treasure, now he needed to clear that level and solve the problem of the voice.

After leaving the lake, which now seemed more lifeless despite still having a lot of spiritual energy around the place, Zhang Yi used his spear to pick up the spiritual stones from the mine and after finishing it he had almost 3,000 high-level spiritual stones, still had some spiritual stones more Zhang Yi decided to leave behind.

So he returns to his room preparing to finish clearing the level early the other day, Zhang Yi found it only a little strange that the voice did not search for him after he left the cave, but as he would eventually see her in soon after killing two more beasts and receiving the baptism he decided not to call the voice.

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