293 The Major Sects Gathered 7

In the divine plane, the custom was that only the first marriage should be celebrated at a party where various sects were invited, the cultivator's other marriages, no matter how important the warrior would be, and at most only the sect's people would be invited.

So Zhang Yi's wedding was perhaps the biggest event in thousands of years on the divine plane, only someone with his talent and an important master of a great sect could make such a wedding.

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Zhang Yi's wedding was even more special because all the elders of the three great elf sects agreed to come to Zhang Yi's wedding, so this was the largest wedding that had elves as guests on the divine plane.

After everyone arrived the wedding still lasted for a few days when Zhang Yi and Lu Bi were the focus of the party and elder Wang and Wu Qinxin were another highlights as masters of the warriors who were getting married.

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