291 The Major Sects Gathered 5

In those years the Sword Sect elders considered Zhang Yi and Lu Bi even more because of their talent, even several years ago Lu Bi can finally be called Sword Sect elder again.

And this time it was official because she had more than enough cultivation for that, Zhang Yi couldn't be an elder because incredibly she wasn't yet the minimum age for his cultivation that was 2,000 years old.

In those 81 years, Zhang helped Lu Bi greatly increase her understanding of the laws she had, and he can discover how difficult it really was for a normal person even if it was incredibly talented like Lu Bi to reach the ultimate understanding in law.

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In these 81 years with the constant help of Zhang Yi who in hundreds of missions always demonstrated and taught Lu Bi how to use the laws she has reached the ninth level in advanced understanding of the laws of water and the laws of space.

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