288 The Major Sects Gathered 2

After talking to his master Zhang Yi returned to where Sword Sect was with Lu Bi, Wu Qinxin said he would send this idea to ​​them that he could be someone from the soul-eater organization to the Serenity Sect elder of the divine realm.

Of course, she would say that seriously and not that they were just arming for the biggest sects to worry about the organization, but the truth was that if Wu Qinxin didn't know that Zhang Yi had been responsible for this heavenly tribulation she would also think it was someone from the organization.

On other occasions also before Wu Qinxin had told her sect elders the suspicions she had about the two of the top 10 sects that Zhang Yi said had infiltrated the soul-eater organization.

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Since the elders trusted Wu Qinxin, they also had a great distrust of these sects, this time for sure the divine realm elders of these sects would say they did not agree that it could be because of the organization.

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