287 The Major Sects Gathered 1

It seemed to be a smaller meeting than it was last time, but in fact, it would be bigger than the last meeting, because at the last meeting only the sects that had humans were called after all the soul-eater organization could only infiltrate sects human.

So the three largest sects of the elves also appeared at this meeting because they had divine realm elders as well, so that excited Zhang Yi because he was thinking of leaving Lusserina and Saphielle in some of these sects so that they would feel more comfortable.

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So that Zhang Yi could investigate whether these sects might be suitable for them, elder Wang, while very important to Sword Sect, had no authority to know why this meeting between the largest sects was organized.

But Zhang Yi wasn't worried about that because he could just ask his master when he arrived at the meeting, surely Wu Qinxin should know the reason for this meeting as an important Serenity Sect elder as she was.

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