255 The Laws of Time 7

10 years passed quickly and Zhang Yi had already had a great time on earth, as someone who cultivated Zhang Yi was patient and intelligent and knew how to fool his parents into sounding silent so his parents wouldn't realize that he was too smart.

His being silently made Zhang Yi have no friends in all these years and so he got what he wanted and no one had found out that his mindset differed from the other kids.

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It also gave Zhang Yi more time to cultivate his mental energy and also matured faster in his parents' vision, in this childhood of Zhang Yi his mother Mary loved Zhang Yi very much and was very affectionate with him thinking that he was lonely and strange.

It made Zhang Yi's temper and character change again and he was someone even calmer and more affectionate, unlike the little Zhang Yi also remembered his father Zhang Feng was very fond of and caring for him very well.

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