253 The Laws of Time 5

Having decided how to do what he had to do Zhang Yi spent a few more months with his wives before preparing to return, but he had an idea before going back in time to make sure everything would work out.

"Like I said I'll be back in time and meeting you again, I was wondering if you really want me to go look for you to spend our lives together when I go back in time the hope world might look like the divine plane is."

"And the village of Luna and Solar won't go through the underworld problem, so you may not want to be with me."

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"This will never happen, Zhang Yi, even if the hope world becomes a paradise I would still love you and go with you, I am just grateful to know that if you go back in time many dark elves will be saved."

"I would still love you too even if everything changed, I would be happy that my world had no problem and have a happy life with my father and mother, but I would still love you, Zhang Yi."

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