251 The Laws of Time 3

"You're wrong if you think this was the best for us, if you hid something like that from us it would be worse than letting us die, even if you erased our memory a hole would be forever in our hearts for not remembering you."

"I know, but I had no other choice to make sure you would stay alive after I died, but now I won't do it because of the demon in your martial heart."

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After that Lusserina wanted to make sure that Zhang Yi was sincere and so, called Saphielle and the others to tell Zhang Yi what was going on, she thought it was best that everyone spent these last years of Zhang Yi knowing he would die.

After Zhang Yi told the whole truth they all cried just as Lusserina did, Luna looked the saddest of all his wives and seemed to really know that this was the end for Zhang Yi.

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