249 The Laws of Time 1

Zhang Yi also didn't seem to be making plans for them all or to return to Sword Sect even though she knew that was what Zhang Yi wanted, he had done everything undiscovered in the attack on Sacred Phoenix Sect and so he could return to Sword Sect undiscovered.

But Zhang Yi didn't seem to want to do anything, nor was he excited to get even stronger, plus Solar felt that Zhang Yi was being much more considerate of them after leaving Sword Sect for some reason.

She felt that this should be very good, but it was a sign that something very bad could happen, Solar knew nothing would happen to them because if that was what Zhang Yi would have said and would not be so relaxed, it meant it was something that would happen to him.

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That was the worst thing that could happen to them because Solar knew that neither she nor the others could live without Zhang Yi, so if something happened to him she and the others could end up committing suicide in sadness.

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