161 The Iron Sect Returns to the Continent 7

Zhang Yi warned the sect master that he had returned and said he wanted a meeting with the elders again, Li Wei felt that this could not be a good thing and was very concerned about what Zhang Yi might mean.

Even then he could do nothing and just have to organize this meeting as Zhang Yi wanted, he knew it had to be something important that Zhang Yi meant, the elders also had goodwill with Zhang Yi and met quickly.

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"I thank you all for coming quickly when I called, I have some important things to say to you all today."

"Fortunately the sect has been rebuilt in a short time and is even better than before, I also made sure that the Rose sect made an alliance with our sect and that they didn't break that alliance for at least a few decades."

"Also, with the spiritual stone mines it is only a matter of time before our sect can recover, the three great sects will also take a few decades to recover and may begin to be a threat to our sect."

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