160 The Iron Sect Returns to the Continent 6

Just as Zhang Yi hoped Jia Wuying easily accepted this and was now much more sympathetic to this alliance and even proposed to help the Iron sect recover these mines, so Zhang Yi said he would organize everything and then come to the Rose sect when it was time for the attack.

After Zhang Yi and Li Wei left the Rose sect and returned to the Iron sect the sect master didn't seem to want to talk to Zhang Yi at all, Zhang Yi didn't care about that and just did what he had to do, seeing it. Li Wei couldn't stand it and spoke to Zhang Yi.

"Why did you offer this deal to the Rose sect without first talking to me or the other elders? We had already agreed on how we would do with these mines and defending these mines is no problem for our sect."

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"This was the opportunity to quickly regain the strength of our sect and after that, we even become the continent's strongest sect again, now we will have to share it with the Rose sect."

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